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The tawny frogmouth knows he's better than you.

(Yes, it's a real creature, a type of owl. I think they're Australian.)

Pencil on brown paper, 7 x 7, Original SOLD!

I have been enjoying sketching a lot more since I got brown paper. Brown paper + white pencil = black magic.
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He looks so unhappy XD
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I love your equation! :D

The expression is so mean, I'm a little intimidated.
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Ahh I was os caught up in being a nerd that I forgot to comment on the piece itself!

I simply adorehis sort of grumpy expression.
Especially his downturned mouth.
The colour scheme is brilliant too.
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Sorry to be a nerdy Australian, but The Tawny Frogmouth isn't actually an owl, per se, it's merely put into the category of owl. According to wikipedia they're more closely related to nightjars and oilbirds. [link]
Wiki says they're found in Australia (including Tasmania) and parts of New Guinea.
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yeah, i was going to say- this is a real bird!
cute :3
Oh yeah that's so the expression for a "I hate my job" common day, for that i salute you.
And now for the constructive critique...i can't without the proper permission from the autor since i can't draw for my life XP.
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That owl is badass. Bad. Ass. :XD:
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What character, a great sketch to be sure. (:
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I don't feel qualified to enter the species debate, just to say that I like feel of these brown paper sketches and I love his expression whatever he is.
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I can't get over that face. :XD:
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it's so cute and disgruntled looking, it kind of reminds me of sam the eagle from the muppets
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It's pretty funny that you have to specify that it's a real creature!
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hahaha I love his angry face.
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adorably grouchy little cuss! :D
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Oh, man, this little guy is fantastic. I love how grumpy he looks! :3

Something about him reminds me of the barred eagle owl... those little buggers look kind of like Furbies. Very cute, and they make the most adorable chittering noise... but their enormous eyes kind of creep me out a little bit.
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One of my work colleagues does wild-care and she once had to loof after a frogmouth. They are just such angry looking little things. And hers refused to eat!
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Hehe, I'm Australian and have seen many of them :D
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Yes, they're Australian. I remember as a kid, going to nature parks and standing there, trying to figure out where in the cage the bloody bird was sitting...
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