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Sometimes I get this urge to paint One Specific Thing. Usually a very simple thing, a small thing, the sort of thing that would be a minor detail. And driven by some sort of mad self-justification, I produce an absurdly large painting merely so that I have an excuse to paint the thing. "The Polar Court" was driven by the desire to paint checkerboard tile. This one was driven by a sudden itch to paint tree bark. Just...tree bark. Not even that MUCH tree bark. A few inches of tree bark would have been sufficient.

But no. I had to do an 18 x 36 mixed media piece, featuring three frogs, fierce amphibious jungle warriors, (kin, presumably, to the Kachina Frog elsewhere in my gallery) slime-skinned terrors of the treetop canopy (except for my favorite, who appears to be ready for a nap) and abuse the limits of what clayboard is willing to take from colored pencils, acrylic ink, acrylic, and pen. It took me days. I mean, usually a painting takes a day, maybe two, sometimes three. I was hammering on this sucker for a week. Because I had an urge to paint tree bark. Because tree bark was yammering and dancing in my brain like a small dog hearing the can opener. (It's shut up now, I hasten to add.) I obviously have no sense of proportion.

Anyway. Big piece. Original is for sale, but not cheap, send note for pricing. However, I have prints! Jumbo 13 x 19 for a mere $20 plus shipping, drop a line!
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Hey, I'm working on creating a fake game site for my Digital Design class and it involves frog warriors. With your permission, I would like to use this image for one of my characters. 
Please reply soon, thank you.
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zakimiyakey|Hobbyist Digital Artist
so cute!!!!
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kingdragon01|Hobbyist Photographer
Their so cute! I want to pick them up!
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leocdg|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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MadisonTourmaline|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Abusing the limits, hooray! There's a lot of depth in that foliage.
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Gears-of-the-Soul|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is by far one of my favorites of your art. I love frogs and trees and tribal things, so three for three aint bad! I will be buying this print soon enough :)
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Usually I HATE frogs wearing accessories or clothing of any kind, but this is just wonderful! Beautifully expressive frogs with FROG bodies, not freakish humanoid bodies *shudder* humanoid frogs are sooooo ugy!

Also: Beautiful tree bark ; D
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reading your description of this piece makes me chuckle. i go through the exact same process of "oh, let's draw 'x'...damn, well guess i need to make a whole piece to house my trivial doodle in". great piece, love your work.
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MagicalIdiotSquigoo|Student General Artist
Na'vi frogs!... sorry, I just had to get that out. This is really great. Nice work. XD
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ashnkatt|Student General Artist
This comment was inspired by a message I left on `alexds1 art titled poison dart frog, it read....

I like this...one thing I could never understand is why poison dart frogs don't carry poison darts, the name is just misleading I tell you ^_^


`alexds1 replied....

`alexds1 4 hours ago

Don't tell that to Ursula Vernon XD [link]

I now know that I can die happily knowing that some frogs do carry poison darts, and that some titles given to things in life, are aptly named. Oh happy days lolz
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WinsomeLosesome|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, the textures in this are amazing! And the perspectives give it depth. Also, that sulky frog on the end needs a hug :D Awesome work.
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LunarwingsArt|Hobbyist General Artist
I love it. I also love the frog's expressions.
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this is just great love frogs xDD
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Mendoxe|Hobbyist General Artist
AMAZING drawing!!!
u dont know where to look
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Nice one.
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It's so rich in details and the colors are wonderful! I love it!
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Fabulously beautiful and ... funny !

I adore !!!
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you have an amazing talent at drawing frogs. I'm in awe!
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I love this!! Really.. my fav I've seen in a while. Great job!
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Izile|Hobbyist General Artist
I love the personality on the frog faces, great but not really "cartoony".
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You are SUPER
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Impressive. The facial expressions of your warriors are very entertaining. Well done.
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Impressive. The facial expressions of your warriors is very entertaining. Well done.
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Zulema|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Frogs XD
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