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Free Pie

By ursulav
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On the one hand, the stone head was a rather odd place for it. But on the other hand, only an idiot turned down free pie...

A very quick amusement, with one of the snouty-guys and a little..err...batwinged...dude. And a stone head. I don't know either. But hey, only an idiot turns down free pie!

Mixed media on illo board, 15 x 10. Original is for sale, drop a line, and prints are available, $10 plus shipping, send a note!
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I don't really like pie. ): [Read this with a British accent]
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Just what is that little imp planning? Is the pie poisoned, or maybe he's just gonna jump out at the last minute and slap the pie into the poor man's face?

Also, I love how there's a second sign insisting on the pie's yumminess.
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The bat guy looks so cool... he's kind of hyena-like (or unleast he reminds me of the Lion King hyenas).
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I remember one of Philip K. Dick's short stories, called "Cadbury, the Beaver Who Lacked." Random excerpt: "You'd rebel," Said Dr. Drat in his amiable voice, his hoppers up on the surface of his burled wooden desk.
"I'd kick her in her fucking face," Cadbury said (Cadbury being the Beaver, Dr Drat the rabbit psychologist).
Reminds me of you.
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-grabs pie- :3

...>-> that guy was taking to long. -gobbles pie- =P
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Guess who incurred the wrath of the Gods...
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i love his expression
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You cannot go wrong with pie!

Even demon infested pie!
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I imagine that the next thing to happen is for the little bad winged dude to open his mouth impossibly wide and eat the other guy.

And then he can have pie for dessert! :nod:
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Well, I don't like pie...so...I would take it...for someone else, who likes pie!
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Mmmm.pie...1.5 pie.
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I don't get it.
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cute bat creature. Hey free pie! yum. great picture.
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free pie, mmm :D
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hehe. there's no such thing as free pie, as with free lunch etc.
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*giggles in wicked glee* The humor is outstanding. I also love how you colored this piece. Lovely work!
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"On the other hand..." How Fiddler on the Roof-esque. I love this. I have to agree - what idiot would give up free pie?!
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Nicely done. As always.
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Reminds me of the Egg Bait trick.
I almost expect it to be annimated.
You know, interactive.
If you click on the pie,
some horrible thing happens. . .
or not.
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I gotta say -
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