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Four Birds

Whew. Okay. Supposedly the Dragonbreath illustrations--the SECOND round of illustrations--are done. In celebration, I did a painting for myself, at long last.

Tomorrow I get back to work on some commissions and a comic submission and writing book two and...well, a lot of other stuff...but at least I managed to finally do a painting!

12 x 24, one of the odd little people that I call "Potato Priests" for some reason, and four birds who appear rather cynical about the whole arrangement. St. Francis he's not. The original is for sale, prints are available, send an e-mail to ursulav (at) (I've been very bad about checking my DA notes these last few weeks, I fear...)
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i love the background. so prettyyyy (:
i really like what you did with the sky. it looks al cracked and stuff.
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I find that I really like the composition on this piece.
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Amazing work as always! ^^
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Heh heh, I like those birds XD.
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It's like Pixar's Birds.
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This piece has been sitting, un-deleted, in my devaintWatch notifications since you posted it. Apparently I couldn't bring myself to chuck it from the list. That means it obviously needs to be a Fave. I absolutely love this piece. The monk is precious. I can't help but wonder what he is so troubled over. That little frown on his face...and the worried birds. It's so funny, but so serious. I like your little potato-priest. More please.
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aaaawweee those birds ^^
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That's so cute!
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What a sad bunch! But nice =)
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I think the birds look a little disapproving, except for the second from the left. It's almost like he's feeling really bad for the priest for whatever the birds are plotting to do to him...
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This would make a magnificent sculpture, I think...
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awesome :D the name "potatoe priest" fits exactly and I've fallen in love with the birds :love:
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Bottom right birdie looks a bit forlorn. Great characters as always, my dear :)
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the birds are adorable :)
and good job on the background! :D
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*has unfortunate thoughts of wrapping a priest in foil and putting him in an oven*
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*sings "It's Priest" from Sweeney Todd*

It's priest,
Have a little priest.
Is it really good?
Sir, it's TOO good, at least...
Then again, they don't commit sins of the flesh,
So it's pretty fresh.
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The birds in this painting kinda remind me of a painting that my great-aunt did.

Nicely done!
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Isn't that little guy cute? x3

Kind of reminds me of the Podling from The Dark Crystal. They tried to base their looks on potatoes as well. So cute. :)
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