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Fishhead Homunculus

When humans left the planet for the last time, they took their gods that remained with them. Only a few gods, more stubborn or more dutiful than their brethren, stayed behind on the fallow earth.

Even in the absence of a dominant sentient species, the amount of godstuff produced by even a battered planet was far in excess of that required by these weary survivors. New proto-gods began to form, spawned from the dreams of grasses and the fears of rats. Small and colorless, their shapes fluid, these homunculi were made and unmade based on weather and imperceptible shifts in the magnetic field.

Confused as to their own purpose (if any) these homunculi sometimes fell into old patterns and sometimes, where the channels had been worn flat, branched out and formed new ones.

--Journal of Post-Diaspora Mythobiology

8 x 16 mixed media--another digital image worked over in paint on board--and as for the subjet, your guess is as good as mine. I think I finally figured out what those little white mannequins are, though...

Anyway, original for sale, prints available, visit Red Wombat Studio to order: [link]
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Grinning-Oni's avatar
Love the image.

The text description reminded me of the writing of China Miéville.
LisaGorska's avatar
i love the sky in this one :)
12monthsOFwinter's avatar
I thought it was the evolution of a teletubby. great concept anyway!
SineSquared's avatar
Every picture of yours is more than just an idea.. it has its own story. I love that about your work.. you don't just draw something because other people will think it's pretty, but you draw things because your mind is raging with creativity. Thanks for being awesome!
yaodema's avatar
So the fish is inside the head of the homonculus, and steering it, I assume? Interesting concept. Could make for an odd sort of character, if you were to include it in something like Digger. (I know you wouldn't include it in Digger itself, as that story already has a defined end, which it feels like we're soon coming towards.)
CaptainSpero's avatar
WOW, I can't tell you how inspired to draw I was when I saw this. What an interesting little figure!
Thanks for your beautiful and weird art.
Justria's avatar
That little story bit messes with my head. Awesome.
ayuICHI's avatar
Crazy but awesome <3
472's avatar
nicely done
kuni's avatar
Wouldn't grass be more likely to dream of.. really big grass..? Or trees..
kuni's avatar
Not to question the source you presented.. but I believe you fell for a hoax-work, it's a fairly common knowledge that grass preffers to worship non-carnal gods and deities.
KalineReine's avatar
This is really cool. I wonder if there will be more like this. I find the little story in your comments fascinating.
EMasqueradeGallery's avatar
I always enjoy/love reading your descriptions, you are quite a skillful and imaginative writer, as well as artist.:)
BandGeek9723's avatar
frances-bean's avatar
I very much love this!
leavemebreatheless's avatar
I'm a psych student, and one of my professors constantly rants about the "evil homunculus", which ruins brilliant careers in research. Your work made me giggle when I needed it, so thanks!
Fyrius's avatar
"Post-Diaspora Mythobiology" is now my favourite noun phrase in the English language. XD
tempus's avatar
I have no idea why, but on some strange level this image is terrifying... brilliant, but terrifying.
the-wee-me's avatar
This creeps me out in ways I can't explain, and yet the description makes me love it. I'm so confused now.
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