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This needs to be cleared up, and if people won't listen to me, maybe they're listen to the honey badgers.

For the nth time, unless it is the US government doing it, your First Amendment rights are not being violated. ONLY the US government is bound by the First Amendment.

There may be valid arguments to be made, but the minute you cry that somebody who isn't the US government is violating your right to free speech, I will stop listening to your argument and point and laugh.

That is all.

You may reprint this anywhere you like, provided you leave my name on the bottom and don't make money off it.
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What about private parties resorting to law enforcement to punish you? Is it a violation of the right to free speech, if they knowingly take advantage of certain biases (which I won't detail here)?
I would say yes, based on the term "free speech" itself, but maybe there's more to it. As I'm not too good with administrative/legal lingo, I'm afraid I don't have a good grasp of those nuances.