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Fetal Faun Painting

The sketch for this one came out much better than the painting. I mean, the painting did more or less what I wanted it to, but it just didn't have whatever something grabbed me about the little thumbnail sketch.

Maybe it doesn't want to be in color.

5 x7 mixed media, original is for sale cheap because I am dis-satisfied with it and wish it out of my sight. Send a note for pricing and availability!
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Horns? In MY vagina? :noes:
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The only thing I can really see is that in this version, the fetal faun's right leg is more forward and visible, giving the pose a weird twist. I think that's what's bothering me...
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You're style is great though
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The thumbnail is softer and squishier with less definition.
I like the sketch better, too. I think it's the unfinished nature of fetus-hood in an unfinished (preliminary?) style that works for me.

Plus, all the red left me going, "Is that a womb shot? And if so, is that darker red disc the opening to a fallopian tube? Plus I thought the uterus was lined with "plush velvet" and not "bloody shale."

I'm not sure if I'm a science geek with an art bent or an art geek with a science bent.
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I like the colors.
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very cute!
do u make aceo trades?
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