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Fetal Christmas Ornament

I had drawn this fetus, and I sat and stared at it and tried to figure out what to do with it, and god help me, it wanted to be a Christmas ornament.

And then I asked my boyfriend, who I think sort of wonders how he came to a point in his life where "Do you think I should make this fetus into a Christmas ornament?" is normal conversation.

"The problem," I said, "is that the fetus as imagery has been completely comandeered by pro-lifers. You see a fetus, it's on some idiotic billboard, or it's been chopped up for protest signs."

"...kay..." said the boyfriend.

"They've completely co-opted fetal imagery, and I want no more of it."



He put his head in his hands. "So I'm going to come home, and you'll be wearing a jacket with "FETUS" written on the back in duct tape, and when I say something, you're gonna say, "It's okay, I'm taking it back"?"

From this we can determine that A) my boyfriend is a very patient man and B) he's watched a lot of Kevin Smith movies. And also that maybe I shouldn't be allowed to have my pencil and sketchbook that late at night.
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It's almost a boxing glove lol I'm sorry at first glance it stuck me as one...I like it! I'm looking for inspiration working on a Christmas ornament...MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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Dunno why but this is kinda cute... I get a sence of "life" from it... Maybe its because I am about to have a holiday baby myself or the fact that I always saw the holidays as a form of a "new beginning". Its probably cause Christmas is so close to New years that its like one of the last few hurrah partys before starting over again.
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It does have a sense of life to it.
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i really don't know why , but i love this
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Everyone at my house loves this thing, we would love to have one on our tree!
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I started to feel bad about laughing when I saw the image... and then I read what you had to say about it... and laughed even more... and stopped feeling bad. lol.
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Ursula Vernon, you are my favorite person on the entire internet. I really mean it. You, above Randall Monroe, Cleolinda, Studio Foglio, and everyone else here, are my very favorite. I like you more than I like videos of Carl Sagan, and even my real life friends on facebook cannot compare.

-Noelley B, avalonmaiden
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I've said it before: I totally love how your mind works :)
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But the good thing is he's supportive, yes? :boogie:
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......maybe it's for the best that I'm deploying far away from my art supplies....I totally want to make one out of sculpy now......
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Then, clearly, I have watched a lot of Kevin Smith movies too.


Incidentally, I'd love to give this as a Christmas gift to the prolifers whom I see protesting on my way to work EVERY DAY.
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Fetuses (and especially fetal christmas tree ornaments) are so cute! I never understood why no one else found the adorable rat fetuses in science room as lovely as I did, but still.
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Love it.

I want one.

I think these would sell. Christmas trees need more grotesqueries.
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This is sort of grotesque.. xD
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I like it. =3

It's very original.
This reminds me of something my brother did. Like yourself, he hates the pro-life displays. He expressed his distaste in a slightly more direct manner, though. He walked up to the people running the display, sat down in the chairs they had provided, and began making dead baby jokes.
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I knock over the signs they post along our highway. I have no problems with their opinions, but... eh. They're so in-your-face, all-the-time about it. :( But heehee, pulling up signs and hiding them under bushes at midnight is fun. ^__^

Aaaaanyway. You are going to get a fetus ornament for Christmas. I'm going to make lots, to go around.
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I would totally buy one. Creepy yet chic. I can see it wearing a Santa hat too.

You are very lucky to have such an understanding boyfriend.
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Fetii... phalloi... fetii... phalloi? Which is more bizarre? Which would be more amusing above my fireplace?
i like it!
now were can i find a glass maded one for my tree?
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