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Fetal Christmas Ornament



I had drawn this fetus, and I sat and stared at it and tried to figure out what to do with it, and god help me, it wanted to be a Christmas ornament.

And then I asked my boyfriend, who I think sort of wonders how he came to a point in his life where "Do you think I should make this fetus into a Christmas ornament?" is normal conversation.

"The problem," I said, "is that the fetus as imagery has been completely comandeered by pro-lifers. You see a fetus, it's on some idiotic billboard, or it's been chopped up for protest signs."

"...kay..." said the boyfriend.

"They've completely co-opted fetal imagery, and I want no more of it."



He put his head in his hands. "So I'm going to come home, and you'll be wearing a jacket with "FETUS" written on the back in duct tape, and when I say something, you're gonna say, "It's okay, I'm taking it back"?"

From this we can determine that A) my boyfriend is a very patient man and B) he's watched a lot of Kevin Smith movies. And also that maybe I shouldn't be allowed to have my pencil and sketchbook that late at night.
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It's almost a boxing glove lol I'm sorry at first glance it stuck me as one...I like it! I'm looking for inspiration working on a Christmas ornament...MERRY CHRISTMAS!