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Fat Beaver Hates You All

I was sitting with a friend of mine, doodling through a fairly dull talk, and she insisted that I actually apply color to the results of said antisocial doodling.

Fat Beaver hates you all on principle.

Original traded for sushi.
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KyraCheshire13's avatar
jodidamente adorable! love it!!!
dreamoracle's avatar
This is adorable I wish I had a shirt with this on it
tartlets's avatar
i enjoyed both this and the description THANK YOU
GoldFLBryn's avatar
Hopelessly delayed, but my friend's looking over my shoulder and says, "I want to have a shirt like that... I would like to have a shirt like that." Figured you'd appreciate the sentiment. <3, as always
Rubyd1's avatar
merryweather-s's avatar
this needs to be made into a t-shirt! it's great.
MissyMissKitty's avatar
justinedarkchylde's avatar
..I know just how that beaver feels.
SavannahShambles's avatar
Made Me Chuckle : ]

if this was made into a t-shirt, i would never take it off... or pjamas maybe. its very david and goliath.

: ]
TheBeardedComic's avatar
This is to amazing for words.
twistkick's avatar
I don't mind being hated by something so cute.
waywardwillothewisp's avatar
I want this as my desktop wallpaper! TT_TT
electric-goldfish's avatar
It's even better that you traded the original for sushi!
Nariane's avatar
I need this as a T-shirt... and a fridge magnet... and possible a key chain.
Sonikkitty's avatar
b-but i'm Canadian

vanilla-vanilla's avatar
Looks kind of like a plump phalloi, if you hold him at an angle...
SkycladGypsy's avatar
Oh... he is just misunderstood....
Doodling-Club's avatar
Don't I love me a good doodle :aww:
BurtonizedPrincess's avatar
he is NOT flipping up off. D:
wonkershaft's avatar
This should be turned into a T-shirt.
ChristyMoss's avatar
that would make an AWESOME t-shirt
sketcherjak's avatar
I think an Vernon original for sushi is a fair trade. And I mean that very respectfully. ^_^
animefreak120's avatar
xD This amuses me.
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