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Farm Ogre

The Grim Army, like all armies, ran on its stomach. It's all very well to be a ravening slavering horde of shield-gnawing berserkers, but there's not much nutritional value in a shield, which meant that somebody ultimately had to do the farming.

Ogres proved surprisingly adept at the task, and the ones that survived their roles as anchor fighters in the army often retired to take up growing turnips and training attack sheep for their own amusement.

(Having a sort of Paul Bonner-inspired urge to paint fangy tusky pudgy things, and this just kinda came out.) Digital, prints available for $10 and $20 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details.
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Or, maybe, there were some ogres who didn't want to, or care to, fight (gods forbid)!  They were stuck with the grubbing and animal husbandry, which they prefer over the hacking and slashing.  And they would be the stabilizing influence on ogre politics.  But that doesn't mean they're not above bashing some fool's head in with a shovel or pickaxe over some slight on their occupation.
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Very handsome!
I would not want to mess with that sheep
Firebringer's avatar
The disgruntled sheep just kills me. I think he needs some pics of his own. XD
pinktiger's avatar
I love his teeth, and the sheep's red eye.
shandrelshessiar's avatar
... Can i have a an attack Sheep? They are such a rare commodity! and it appears many of us need something to protect our turnips.......
Cougarmadcat's avatar
This is great! Even a grumbling little sheep. It is funny and cute. I love their expressions and how easy going the ogre looks. He seems so happy. Refreshing work.
LoopyWolf's avatar
LimeGreenSquid's avatar
Hahaha, i didn't notice the attack sheep at first! And turnips are tastey.
patricktoifl's avatar
Wonderful art-style!!! Great work!!!
ShallowBlue's avatar
Lovely~ I really like it :''3
Ellygator's avatar
Attack sheep! LOL! This is a great concept!
12monthsOFwinter's avatar
I knew a ram like that- and learned to run from him- although my father wasn't an ogre it was his sheep...:lol:
ShroomPills's avatar
I like his mean, mean sheep *smiles* I want one now! *hehe*

Anyways, this is a really great drawing! The coloring is awesome!
PurpleGoddess's avatar
I thought the picture looked amusing, but the little background story really sets it off!
crabmuffin's avatar
XD I want that attack sheep.
Duzloo's avatar
"Attack sheep" ? Save me! :o

I love this piece!
DisruptiveUnlimited's avatar
Freaking love this!!!!!!!!!
bluedragoneye's avatar
I've come for the women a farmer huh? awesome job :)
Superdemon-Inuyasha's avatar
great job on this! 8D
brightshade782's avatar
I love the sheep/ram/whatever it is.
Lanthir44's avatar
Hooray for farmers! ...And that is one badass sheep. I approve muchly. (^_^)
SkApprentice's avatar
those are so goddamn cute! I want one of those sheep!
PockyPuck's avatar
Attack sheep. *gigglesnort* A concept that is surprisingly easy to imagine. Sheep apparently have good memory for faces.

The juxtaposition, it is so much fun.
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