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Another little experiment with scribbly techniques. This one was done with an initial pass of watercolor and acrylic ink brush strokes, then another pass in colored pencil. The colored pencil on the little dragony guy is much looser than it looks in this image, but again, it lends a bit of a grain and volume that I've been fooling with. Having gotten the technique together, I'm now trying to figure out the best places to apply it, which is what little quick pieces and random characters like this are all about.

I thought he looked kinda like an Ernie.

Anyway! 9 x 10ish, original is for sale, prints available for a mere $10 plus shipping, send a note or follow the [link]
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he's a cute little guy
Kaguhi's avatar
cute cute cute!!
Skittles-n-Sunshine's avatar
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awwww mmmmm uhhhhhhhh need a hug? lol so cute :heart:
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Aw! So cutee! Me wants to have an Ernie. *pets it* Yay! I'm faving this :D
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you are SO a texture master
i have only to look up to you
but i guess that depends on how tall you are
unless, say, we're talking about looking up to you on the highest rungs of the texture ladder
yeah that'll work
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aww that's just so cute! wanna :hug: him .... :glomp:
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Can I keep him?

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Awww!!!!!!!! I'd name him Benson. But Ernie is good too! He looks so fretful and cute! :poke:
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so cute :heart: wonderful art!
Lilithx13's avatar
Awww..he's so cute. *huggles him* :D
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he looks so fantastical yet so real at the same time...skin kinda looks like a white's tree frog's.really cool job! strange thing about the name ernie is he kinda reminds me of the comedian ernie wise.lol
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Yep. He looks like an Ernie. But that's not a bad thing....
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wheeeeeeeee its so sweeeet :clap:
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Ernie is a good and proper name for this perplexed looking critter. He's pondering a great problem.
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oo its soo cute...i just love its belly it looks so pokable:poke:
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He looks like a geniua pig dragon.
wickidkat's avatar
aww its so cute. like a little obese dragon. he looks so sad tho. I want one so bad.
Thumper-X's avatar
ZOMG! *nuzzles and licks creature* Dude you should so try to draw my fat armless blind thumper! Any moo ...FAVE
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very interesting, lovely colors. I really like the colors on the tree.
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He does look like an Earnie... and he kinda looks like a little teenage dragon sort of.
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That's so cute ^^ Your style reminds me of the types of art in fairy tale books :D
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