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This is absolutely true, and furthermore, I am NOT the only one who discovered the existence of homosexuality in such a manner.

I actually can't say it was a bad thing--certainly it led to a lifelong tolerance on my part. At the time, however, it was one of those "Whoa. What? That happens? Dude!" It wasn't that I was against it in any fashion, it was that it had never even occurred to me. For some reason, I had gotten most of the way to being a preteen in complete ignorance of such things. Sheltered life, I guess. I actually flipped pages checking repeatedly to see if there had been a series of typos before it finally clicked and I had the brief sense of the universe realigning itself around my skull.

The only possible conclusion one can draw from this is-- Parents, you may wish to explain this to your kids BEFORE the telepathic white horses do. (Or not. Like I said, it turned out okay for me.)

Prints are available for anyone who had a similiar moment of enlightenment. $10 and $20 for small and jumbo, plus shipping--send a note or visit [link]

(By the way, in case anybody's getting ready to get bent out of shape, "That's an option?" is in no way indicating that I believe being gay is a choice, etc, etc. I'm sorry I have to even say such things, but we all know there are those who luuuuv to get offended out there....)
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Oh my gosh. I was just telling my husband yesterday that my first clear understanding of polyamory came from Mercedes Lackey books. First real understanding of homosexuality came from Anne McCaffery.