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Empire of Feathers

By ursulav
This is not a comic book that will ever exist.

My latest children's book in progress--Dragonbreath 2, slated for publication by Penguin Dial in Spring 2010--had a throwaway line about the hero reading a comic series called "Empire of Feathers" which is described as being "about an alternate universe where birds ruled the world, and it was dark and gritty and had lots of battle scenes and intrigue and poisonings and magic, and a clan of rooster assassins that wore cloaks made of their victim's feathers."

I have no time to do such a comic, but if I did, this is what it would look like.

ETA: Owing to a seriously awesome editor at Dial, this page will actually appear in Dragonbreath 2. She's so good to me.
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Goshawk-Gyrefalcon's avatar
This is amazing. Complete with dramatic lightning, assassins, blood, and death. Also mysterious plot.
Mischanneii's avatar
I have Dragonbreath 2 in my class.
Protey17's avatar
Evil Chickin = )) 
brushtail-thegreat's avatar
I credit you as an inspiration on my rooster themed piece, I think something like my pin would fit int hat world nicely.

MonstersandMayhem's avatar
Chicken nuggets, anyone? No?
k-a-s-m's avatar
that's great!

i can see the animated series tie - in already. maybe even a stop motion full length! you should do it if you ever get the chance.
these are just amazing *sigh*
SharpSarcasm's avatar
I find myself mourning a comic that never was and never will be.
finn-icky's avatar
I love to read that comic!
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
Aww, cock-fighting is illegal anyway....
alexluna's avatar
Well, now you have me interested. Thanks. (;))
Outside-the-box's avatar
the next comic con success
baka-wallaby's avatar
That's pretty sweet. Fear the rooster.
abnormaltoonage's avatar
This is actually pretty epic and bad ass
zJoriz's avatar
Woah, stylish and tense. Great storytelling.
TodK's avatar
goddamn amazing. way to raise the bar.
Kth-dragon's avatar
Alas, for concepts undeveloped. I know you have a lot of stuff that demands your time, and your muse hates continuation, but I'd love to see more of this. It's as if someone's cooking Sin City next door while my own dinner's in the oven, and I'm smelling them together. It's a tasty prospect. :giggle:
Riftmaw's avatar
Gritty indeed. <3
skyefeather's avatar
aaw, and i was wishing for more.
ah well, this looks amazing.
riotorange's avatar *hangs head and sniffles*
SleepDepJoel's avatar
I like how the day-birds are murdering the one associated with darkness.
Lanthir44's avatar
Oooo, fascinating! Well, one page is better than nothing ever! (^__^)
OXtheII's avatar
I say it should exist
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