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People wanted to see the meeting between Sings-to-Trees and Celadon Toadstool. This might not have mattered, except that I really wanted to see it too.

I cannot say that it is a good story. It rambles badly. I cannot even say it will be a finished story--y'all know me and my perverse muse by now, and as soon as people start nagging me about when something'll be finished, I get choked up. I can say, with some confidence, that it would be a love story, which is most of the problem, because I have little experience with writing such, and I suspect anything I came up with would be tacky and awkward. And also that my buddy Deb* has a lot to answer for.

I am willing to take a stab at it, so long as my muse lasts, because most of my memories of falling in love were actually that it was rather tacky and awkward. But I can't promise much. This feels less like writing a normal story and more like writing fan fiction about my own characters, if that makes any sense. So expect something rathered hackneyed, because this is ground I do not know well enough to avoid the obvious.

My agent says it's fine to post writing on-line, and won't make trouble for us in the future, so hey, what the hell. Besides, this isn't likely to ever be something a publisher would want, unless the previous book--the as yet unfinished goblin one--saw print, and even then, I don't know.

I don't promise it'll be good. I don't promise it'll be finished. I especially, and absolutely, cannot promise it'll have a happy ending.

You've been warned.

*Romance writer, better known as "Sabrina Jeffries". She's like infected me or something.
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I just rered this whole saga, and loved and laughed all the way through.

This tale was never finished, was it? I would love a novel of this <3