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Elder Clean Soap

The next of a set of soap labels--and yes, it's looking like you WILL be able to buy handmade soaps with these labels. (I'll letcha know as soon as they go on sale!)

Yes, I am probably going to some kind of Elder Hell for painting Happy Cthulhu again. But hey, if Cthulhu ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy...

Meanwhile, prints are available for $10 and $20! Great bathroom decor for the person who doesn't want inspirational poems and floral prints! Send a note or visit [link] to set up an order!
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hm I worked with company logos and folie for cars, even stickers but I never thought of this - (soap as product i mean). :)
It's a great idear, hope you get some sales on it.

Well just to get clear.. It's not like a don't bath :P