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Eagle Hug

Today is a very fine day.

(Yes, my Bald Eagles look like chickens. Incidentally, the real ones sound a lot like chickens. We are sacrificing majesty for cuddles, here.)
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"We are sacrificing majesty for cuddles, here."
I don't see anyone complaining.
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Gay eagles. 
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Aww! It's so cute!
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AHHH!! This is so cute!! :heart:
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I always called them "seagulls in tuxedos" because of their habit of rooting through trash. :D
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They do sound like chickens. I was really really disillusioned the first time I saw some in person and realized they're dorky, awkward, BIG chickens. :P
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Just wanted to say this is a perfectly lovely response to the news and so very you. :) Daaaaw.
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*happy dancing continues apace*
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This is awesomeness! And it fits!
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Yesterday was a good day.
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So adorable.

Was glad to hear about same sex marriage being legal nationwide. :)
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I think they sound a lot more like gulls than chickens.
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I had no idea same sex marriage would be legalized nationwide so soon so when I found out through my cousin I was pleasantly shocked. It's about time. <3
Hey, Ben Franklin wanted turkeys. At least there's SOME majesty to the eagles...
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Aww this is so cute x3 I cried with joy today. 
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Hooray!  (Cuddles trump majesty any day.)  
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It's my birthday! The Supreme Court just gave me THE MOST AWESOME BIRTHDAY PRESENT! For the record, I am straight and have been married for eight years and it's STILL the most epic birthday present. :D And I love your eagles.  I love all your art, but I really love your eagles. I have chickens and bald eagles live on the river near where I live, and you're right they sound a lot the same.
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Oh this is perfect--and yes, a very good day indeed.
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Today is a beautiful day, Nobody should take the right to marry who you love from you just because you're gay.
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