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Dire Mime

By ursulav
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The primitive dire mime has a broad repetoire of silent acts, include the silent "Ugh" "Grah" and "Mime SMAAASH!" Also, he can walk an invisible mammoth like nobody's business.

Right, somebody mentioned great minds, and then we got to great mimes, and then...um...dire mimes. It was a pretty logical progression. Well, in my head.
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Hahaha it looks so strange!:D
Athena-Satov's avatar
WOW! :D Really cool and funny.
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I for one, would love to see his 'invisible mammoth'! :giggle:
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yEa....yea... That's a sound progression in plenty of minds.
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At first I thought that what on earth is this... then I thought again(I had left logical thinking on in my head...) And... this is just... hilarious! :XD:
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OMG, this made me giggle.
Jainatina's avatar
O.o.....HaHaHaHaHaHa! That's great!
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hehe oh, that is so cute.

I'm keeping this little guy in mind for the next time I want to play a half-orc bard in D&D3E.
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That is seriously brilliant. XD
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OMG! I love that thing!!!! Awesome piece! I love the line! What medium did you use???
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It's digital, did it in ten minutes in Painter 7 with the scratchboard tool
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LOL. I don't have those cool fancy programs at home... I think my computer would pass out. lol. I need a better machine. I totally loved the effect on your drawing! :clap:
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That is the first time I have ever seen those 2 words together. Awesome :)
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Awwwww, can I pinch his cheek? Or will he bite off my finger. *looks at hand* I need my finger. I really really do need my finger. . . But the cheek. . . It calls to me! *reaches, pinches, and flees*
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Where can I buy one?
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The sad things is there probably aren't any great mimes with great minds... :(
yarr's avatar

...Is he available for children's parties?
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:rofl" That is -too- funny!
Very original! :nod:
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Yet nothing could top the terror of the sea bound Megalaclown, a sea dwelling preformer, know to eat entire birthday parties in a few snaps of it's painted red jaws *Shudder*
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dire mimes think alike.
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Woooooot! The Hunchback of Notre-Mime! XDDDD Luv it.
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