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Delerium Daisy

Following the last painting, people suggested it'd be a great seed packet. That got me thinking about seed packet designs, and...well...seemed like an area that the Red Wombat Tea Co. should get involved in. (Man, they get around!)

You have to be a little bit crazed to be a gardener in the first place, and anybody who's ever wandered into a nursery in spring will understand just how quickly full fledged Plant Madness can take hold.

Digital, Painter 7, fonts are Eccentrical, Oh Crap, Creative Block BB and Grasshopper.

Prints available! Great Xmas gift for the gardener on your list! $10 and $20 sizes, plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] for details.
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A member of :icondalinksystem: Linked this piece of art so now it is featured in this news article [link] :aww:

Please make sure you add it to your favourites to get even more exposure! :heart:
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:wave: This work has been linked to [link] :) Discovering Art: :icondalinksystem:
just one more plant ... just .. one ... more ....crap i've run out of yard !!!
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Must be the brand Nick Cave purchases . . . . you must be making a kill on profits! :P
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I very much like this a lot! I love your style, I dunno how to describe it though.
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What a crazy face! :D Looks like it makes gardening, er, fun!?! O_O
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The flowers are very pretty. I love the concept and the expression. Great shading.
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love the lil elephant vase
dariyan's avatar
Wonderful execution, and great idea, but my trusty dictionary tells me that it should be spelt "delirium".
Ellygator's avatar
Great idea! Her expression is priceless!
Mattily's avatar
Very cute


EmperorNortonII's avatar
Love thr hippie chick! :peace:
TheLoneJellybean's avatar
Hehe! So cute and...weird at the same time!
chinaroses's avatar
this captures the sLight insanity found in gardeners perfectLy!

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Delirium is a rediculously good beer that not many people have heard of. This is, I must say, awesome!
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i love her massive cheshire grin. I'd totally purchase "Delirium Daisy" from a seed catalog..though i'd be afraid of what would grow in the garden...

I'm curious as to what kind of brush you use in painter to get that soft yet still pop art look.
PrismArtGurl's avatar
OMG Ursala! You crack me up! Too funny!
Inkspider's avatar
You never fail to amuse me
It's a comfort to know there's someone out there with a sense of humour as bizarre as my own.
Glenruben's avatar
fantastic ^^

Great to see you on DA again, I've missed your brilliant little stories!
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Great pic and ezpression ^^
highmountain4's avatar
Such a cool idea and excellent execution!
starrypawz's avatar
I love this the expression is just brilliant. :)
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I like that the Delirium Tremins elephant is on there. Unless pink elephants are the universal symbol for delirium and nobody told me.
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Hehe, i like that the RWTC seal of approval is on it!
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