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Dead Dragon Breakfast Blend

Dead Dragon Breakfast Blend...strong, full-bodied, and gets you back up on your hind legs after a long night storming the countryside.

When the peasants come with pitchforks, though, you're on your own.


Well gang, looks like it's finally gonna is imitating art.

By which I mean, the Red Wombat Tea Co. is actually gonna sell tea. (It's madness! I know!)

Still working out the details--it'll be through the incomparable Ellen Million, and it'll be a while yet before they're available--but I thought I'd share a tentative label design, just 'cos it amused me. (Based on my Morning Dragon design, obviously, modified and repainted to fit the format.)

We'll have a breakfast black, a chamomile, an oolong and a jasmine green available for the first stab at this. Watch my journal for info on when the teas will actually go on sale!
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I take it that this is what Danny Dragonbreath's mother would like to have.