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Curious Quail

Fooling around with a technique using acrylic medium to imitate some of the look of encaustics. Didn't quite work--it's too clearly acrylic still, might be using the wrong medium, although I've gotten some suggestions for getting a more wax-like result--but the end result was kind of interesting anyway. The thick gold lines are done with modeling paste, which I popped into a bag and squeezed out the end like icing a cake.

The quail appears to be a relative of the one from Quail and Quagga...

6 x 6, mixed media on board. Original is for sale, prints available, visit Red Wombat Studio to order: [link]
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Featured here: [link] & [link] :heart:

Have a nice weekend !
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The background looks kind of like an integrated circuit.
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He looks so curious.
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The quail is cute.

I think it's interesting how you made the gold lines.
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Love the little gray bird against all the bright bold colors...
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Woah, this is so super cute. <3 I love it, the technique is most interesting.
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Maybe the quail wanted to fly... :S
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This is beautiful and the quail is very cute.
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That is very adorable. I love the textures. It's so simple, yet very appealing to the eye. I'd imagine it's something I would hang on my wall.
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This is a wonderful picture. The gold "icing" gives it a whimsical feel and the blue background compliments the gold. The quail is an adorable little thing. It looks so simple but cute. I like the play on expression with the head plume being a question mark. Therefore, marking his curiosity.

I also enjoy the 3-D effects of the wood block and the colorful pattern that sticks out. It gives great contrast mixing 2-D with 3-D.

I personally think the waxy feel gives great character and doesn't hinder this work of art.
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I love the texture here, if you want a more built up wax feel I had a friend who used a very unusual medium for just such a thing, she'd take some cheap crayons and an old wood burner pen and literally draw/melt it the paper, it was quite unique imo! =)
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Ah, I like the textures that are coming out here. It also made me really happy when you said how you did it, because I did the same thing for a project a few months ago. Did you add the color to the modeling paste before you squeezed it out, or paint it over afterward?
Also I have to disagree with whoever said they didn't like the color, because I love it.
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You should try's really fun...very addictive, to the point you don't even know you've been doing it for a dy... O_o at least that's what happened to me...
sorry for the blabbing...this is quite lovely though...
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great use of colours
they all work splendidly
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Hey if you're looking to play around with something that simulates encaustics, I bought this stuff called Dorland's Wax Medium at some point. I never quite figured out how to use it properly, but it is oil based and you can use it as part of working with beeswax for encaustics, or you can use it by itself. It's kind of pain to use, since you have to use it with oils still and it takes forever to dry, but you might have a bit more patience with it than I do. The website on the tub is, but I found it at a local art store, so odds are there are more places that carry it. Hope that helps!
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yay! i love this!!
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I like the texture and the colours, and - most of all - the quail is adorable!
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You know, I love the colours and textures and the adorable little bird, but something about the composition seems off to me. The quail's line of sight leads your eye to the patterned rectangle, but the red is so bright it seems like that wants to be the main emphasis, and I don't know where to look. The gold lines going off the edge makes me want to see the rest of it--it seems more like a detail than a complete piece.

That said, I do think you incorporated a lot of great elements, and this is fun to look at. It's like computer circuitry with gorgeous blue stone or something~
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I love it. The gold lines look great.
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I've been trying the ol' piping bag lately but with disappointing results

good on ya
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i really like it
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I love him, and I love the colour combination! :)
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