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So I saw "Corpse Bride" t'other day, which I quite enjoyed--Tim Burton's character design is always fabulous--but the maggot didn't quite work for me, whereas the spider worked very very well. So I was contemplating what all one can do with the character design of a maggot, and the pitfalls of a creature with so little face to work with, and figured that any version I did would come out looking somewhere between the wormweird, a gummi worm, and a silky anteater. I decided the world was not yet ripe for the Cuddlemaggot (tm) but that never seems to stop me, and so, a quick Painter doodle was born...
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I have an irrational fear of pretty much all bugs, but even I can't help but feel for this sad looking guy.
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It's so sad-looking and adorable... It reminds me of when my brother was younger, and he liked to talk about how cute maggots and worms and all manner of crawling-things are.
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so disgusting, but i. must. hug!
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StarryFiredanceStudent Writer
You are officially my favorite artist :D
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The-Lady-BlueStudent Photographer
This is so cute. :heart:
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Ooooh yes, that maggot *still* distracts me every time I watch the movie! I'm trying hard to find it cute or even acceptable, but nope, not working so far. I'm thinking it's the bright colors though, not so much the shape... or maybe it is the whole darn thing, who knows!

Anyway, your little maggot would have worked SO much better! And it has such a strong emotional expression, love it :love: I would definitely cuddle it :D
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:aww: Come 'ere li'l sweety! Come get a huggle! :cuddle:

How utterly adorable!
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I agree, I wasn't too partial to Emily's maggot, either.
Yours is much better! Great job!
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TizeraHobbyist Photographer
:faint: so much more cuter than the maggot in Emily's head.
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darkphoenixHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, the phrase that most springs to mind for me is "sock-maggot". ;-)
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riceyProfessional Digital Artist
i didnt really like the maggot that much either, which is weird because peter lorre is awesome! i guess just not in a woman's head...
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He's so expressive! It's amazing how you created such expressivity in so few features. I really like the little guy. :)
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cblueHobbyist Photographer
I never thought that a maggot could be cuddly - but he's so cute, and with such a sad look on his face...
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woozleHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my gosh! I felt exactly as you did. The maggot as well as his voice were just wrong. I didn't like it much at all. The little maggot your designed is absolutely adorable, but... maybe a bit too cute for the role he was supposed to play.
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:aww: I want a maggot like that as a pet, all i get are nasty ants lol
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UncouthArchangelHobbyist Artist
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Awe, he looks like he needs a cuddle. Very more likeable, but were we really supposed to like that little green thing?
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Much nicer than the green thing in Corpse Bride. This is a maggot I could learn to like, whereas the green one would forever irritate me. Bravo.
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EatToastProfessional Traditional Artist
you dislike the peter lori maggot??? shame on you! no, i kid.
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lef-ritnoos Photographer
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I hate it because it's so fucking adorable. =P Nah, seriously, it's great. It's one of those things where it's so cute you just want to hit it or squeeze it until its eyeballs pop out or something. lol
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Very cute... I love his expression.

Now you need a cuddlefish. Just because :)
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Lilithx13 Photographer
He's so cute! :D Yes..the maggot on Corpse Bride was quiete different. Awesome movie though!
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