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Cow Encounter

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This is a very bad cow. No, I don't mean it's an EVIL cow. I have met cows. Cows can probably be vicious, but they are simply not bright enough to be evil. As my father, who kept several cows in his day once pointed out, if you shoot a pig, all the other pigs know immediately what has happened, they know that You Are The Enemy, they gaze at you with hate-filled piggy eyes, and begin working, as a team, to insure your immediate and agonizing death. If you shoot a cow, on the other hand, the other cows in the same pen do not even look around to see what the noise was. His pigs had quite good lives as such things are measured among livestock, and he was always wracked with guilt (and possibly terror) when the Day of Bacon came 'round at last, but he never felt guilty about the cows.

Ahem. As I was saying, before I got sidetracked, this is a bad cow. The head is too large, the leg anatomy is...err...not even close to correct, and there are sundry other problems. This is because I have only a vague notion of what a cow really looks like, didn't bother to get out my How To Draw Cows The Marvel Way books, and this was an incredibly quick and very loose little 5 x 7ish doodle in a watercolor sketchbook, one of those odd little enounters between Cow and Small Mammal. I don't know what Small Mammal is saying, but I know what Cow is thinking, which is something like "....Mooo?" But I'm trying to doodle more, so what the heck.

Since people often want prints of very unlikely things, prints are available 'pon request, and I could even sell the original if somebody really wanted it, since there are these neat little micro-perf things in this particular sketchbook. Send a note or visit [link]
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Itoruna-The-PlatypusStudent Filmographer
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i love the little mouses expression >> <<
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I like the way you did the cow, very interesting and cute!
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Even with the anatomical imperfections I think it came out fine. In fact I think it makes him even more cute.
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I really love her face, and you're right, cows are a bit dumb, I spent six months working on a farm and the only thing they ever remember is what the food barrow looks like. Surprisingly enough, William(the bull) always recognised me and waited for me to share my food with him at lunchtime, I guess bulls are smarter than cows.
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sejHobbyist Traditional Artist
I htink hes very cute, big head and everything. The mouse is adorable. And I love the colors. But I dissagree about the dumb cow stuff. The cows here at my families dairy farm (that theyve had since like the stone age) seem quite smart to me. The bulls especially. They deffinately know who the bad dudes are! You should see them try to kill the guys who work here, lol. But with say, me or my bf, who havent ever layed a mean hand on any of them, like us quite alot. Though most of the ladies are afraid of us and all other bipeds. I like cows and I think that most farmers just find it easier to dissmiss them as stupid. Then they can go on eating them and doing horrid thigns to them like cutting their horns off. Cant very well do that stuff if you believe they have feelings. emotions and everything! Anyway, cute picture!
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I live near a pig slaughter house. You can hear them screaming when one gets killed. They know. It's creepy. I have not eaten pork chops since I moved here.
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lovely piece, wouldnt look out of place in a children's story book.
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Thats really cute :aww:
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its suprising how well the colour works even though it is unorthodox! nice work!!
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this picture really just makes me smile :)
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oo so cool a cow and a mouse keep it up :D
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I had a book once (and it vexes me that I either lost it or stored it somewhere I can't find it) that was filled with anatomical and extremes-of-motion reference sketches for such unexpected and sundry animals as cows, elephants, and kangaroos. You might enjoy it, but I've forgotten its name and author.

It was quite large, paperbacked, and had a sort of beige-yellow cover.
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ghola8Hobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of a story I'm writing (but is very on-hold) about a free-range cow who is friends with the gophers that live near her herd...ummm that's not the whole story, I swear.
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Well...since it's head is so big, you make take the oppurtunity to give it a brain. :P
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cherberHobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually, this reminds me very much of a film I saw of an encounter between a muskrat and a moose. The moose, in its very vague and moosey way was trying to get a better look at the muskrat, when it leaped up and bit him on his fat moosey nose. I felt sorry for the moose, but I laughed my ass off at the same time! Big creature should always beware of little creature.
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Poor cows. Maybe they're a bit dumb, but I'm sure some of them have a glimmer of intelligence somewhere.

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Large heads make animals seem younger, and therefore cute.
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shekeiraHobbyist Writer
There's something about a tiny critter being stared down by a massive cow that makes me smile.
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maverickXartist Traditional Artist
I think the poor anatomy makes it look cute! xD
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I think we need some Evil Pigs in Samurai clothing......=P

Cool art, it doesn't look too far off a cow though, definately reconisable.
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Despite the fact that it looks like it received a head transplant from some form of giganto-cow, it's still very cute (the Big Head, Small Body effect seems to make things cuter - take babies for example). Other than that, it seems fine - then again, my knowledge of cows is probably just as vague, if not moreso, than yours. :)
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Awww, I think the cow looks fine. Everything has such a soft feeling to it as well, thanks to the coloring.
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Scoff at cows all you like, they're still brighter than sheep.
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