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Cheshire Chai

Red Wombat Tea will be offering a chai tea next year! It's either gonna be Cheshire Chai, or perhaps Chained Chicken Chai, if I get really ambitious and decide to do an alternate...

(I considered Abominable Tcho-Tcho Chai, for the Lovecraft tie-in, but rejected it as too obscure. Chai Guevara was likewise rejected for been too tacky.)

This sort of makes me want to do other Alice in Wonderland tea labels, though... Mad Hatter Mint, maybe... and then I start thinking "Dormouse Tea! Contains only the finest dormice!"

It was the very best sake.


Prints are available, for $10 plus shipping, and can be ordered along with the other red wombat tea labels as part of a set! Tea ordering information as it becomes available.
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Chai Guevera sounds hilarious.
HeatherTrelawney's avatar
Wow, this is is wonderful drwaing!:aww: The grin is very captivating.:la:

Chesire Chai.....:woohoo: Nice.
Neat Cheshire Cat!
pureangel404's avatar
u like draw these for REAl tea labels or just for fun?
just curious
LiveWireGuitar's avatar
Looks awesome, I wanna try some, I love tea
dirtscan's avatar
My mom is bi-polar
CatOfManyWhiskers's avatar
Oh my gosh this is amazing! I'm a huge tea-drinker myself, not to mention I love the Cheshire Cat. I would definitely get this and drink a cup at each meal. :D
Cakemage's avatar
Mmm, chai. One of the finest beverages in the world, that. I love both the concept of Cheshire Chai and the label you designed. I'll definitely be checking out your tea site.
kandi-raver's avatar
omgi would totally buy this and drink it everyday. and if for some worldly reason it brings on hallucinations, i wouldn't mind running around my house in a blue dress thinking i was chasing the white rabbit
mymysticnightmare's avatar
...I would buy this.
Yes I would.
Zalmaki's avatar
The mug's a nice touch. If this came in decaf, I'd be all over it. :D
Eowyn-Brandybuck's avatar
Can you actually buy these teas?

I know what should be in the dormouse tea for the perfect dormouse effect of sleepyness and rambling nonsensical stories :P
This is awesome!!!
I love kitties...
Crawling-meower's avatar
Cheshire Chai! So good that it vanishes before your very eyes!
Scavello's avatar
mmm dormouse tea. Just remember what the dormouse said....
Umbrakoopa's avatar
Oh, such a conniving character this cat is.
Anebrd's avatar
I would drink it with a smile
CanisLupis8's avatar
I like chai... if someone knows where I can get this, please let me know?
Choose Cheshire Cha.
Cheshire rules!
Ooh, *want*! An Alice in Wonderland collection would be very cool, but since I am very fond of chai and I collect Cheshire Cat stuff, this would be special to me. And I could give boxes to all of my friends and family, who would inevitably think of me whenever they saw that label.
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Would Chai Guevara be Guava-flavored?
Inkthinker's avatar
Shouldn't one of them contain pepper, mostly?
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