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Chapped Ass Hot Sauce

So I have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old, and I was looking at some hot sauce labels, many of which are already reasonably tasteless, and this wonderfully bad visual pun occurred to me, and I figured I had to paint it.

Um. I didn't...quite...realize it was gonna be, it came out a little more...homoerotic...than I had intended. I was going for charmingly tacky, and I may have...well...I mean, I knew the chaps were kind of pushing it there anyway, but the figure kept looking chunky, so I had to bulk up the muscles the time I was done, I sat back and went "...oh. Huh. How 'bout that?"


Well, anyway, prints are available for $10 and $20, plus shipping, and can be ordered directly from Red Wombat Studio at [link]
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 This is awesome, sure beats my regular Jackass hot sauce. Any chance I can use this on a T-shirt?
NickMaster64's avatar
i bet it can give buffalo wings an extra KICK :3
Flygon78's avatar
as soon as i saw chapped ass i fell out of my chair :3 :cthulula: :cthuluwoooo: :cthulu: :cthulunoes: :cthulunoid: Animal Emote: Squid Vampire Squid 
In hot sauce, remember that it is better to start out too mild than too hot. And if you cannot handle the heat or do not care for sauces, they don’t consider yourself as one of the chiliheads.
Campestralx's avatar
I laugh more every time I think about this. :P
Whew...when Digger finally comes to a close (groan), why not do a Brokeback Mountain-esque tale of forbidden love with this guy?
Zhifay's avatar
I adore this. Beautiful. I would say even more good thing about it, but what i fell is couldn't be expressed by words.
MentalWar's avatar
Heh, I found a bottle of hot sauce called Kick-Yo-Ass and there was a donkey in boxers on it =P

Er.. anyways... This is funny xD

Good job =3
altivo's avatar
I'll crawl out from under the trees to say I think this is so clever you should market some. And yes, you're right about the unexpected eroticism, but that would sell the stuff too.
prismkitty's avatar
This is hilarious! :D
AutumnEarthCougar's avatar
this has made me laugh so very much xD
MoroNoKimi's avatar
It's flamin' hot!
Bisku's avatar
Ooh, I love this one xD
I lol'd.
Tanaigre's avatar
.... I'd so buy that sauce XD
thescarletaracnid's avatar
xD well despite everything the donkey. . . well, the donkey's face anyway, is actually pretty darn cute.
i would like to see it with a pudgy little donkey body tho ^w^
BetulaNigra's avatar
Oh, where can I buy a bottle of that for my next chili dog? I love your sense of humor, and as for the homo eroticism, as a homo, I missed it. I just thought it was a cute label for a hot sauce.
PockyPuck's avatar
...*tilts head* Yeah, there ain't many ways to take this one, is there? Hee. ^_^ It's cute, anyway. Well done, and very in line with the hot sauce labels I've seen.

*refrains from making sauce jokes* >.>
TNHawke's avatar
Nah, he doesn't look homoerotic. He just looks cute.
apeman505's avatar
This... ... ... is awesome.
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