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Cave Bean Journal

By ursulav
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Theories as to what these beans will grow into abound on Twitter, with paint horses and spotted cows among them.

These pages are assembled in Photoshop from doodles done on the iPad with Procreate, using the fonts LittleBird, Sweet Home Oklahoma, and Rose Tattoo. The note on the side is the date in the long-defunct Jacobin Calendar, which I love for the imagery.
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I love all ur journal!!
They are all so pretty!!
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Wasn't there a novel about that?

"Clan of the Cave Beans", or something like that...  7@=Q

(I do know that some researchers recently revived an extinct squash from a cache of seeds...)
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When I was 4, Mom ordered a packet of 'magic' bean seeds as a promotion from some kids' show -- possibly Romper Room.  These sure look like the ones.  I don't know about 'Aztec' or 'cave' beans, and it was about 1961, so draw your own conclusions.  In the mists of 55 years I forget if they ever amounted to much, but we moved to another part of town that September and we might have missed the stalks growing into the heavens.
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So, they could be called paint-o beans, eh? XD
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"From hell's art, I stab at thee!" :-D

Perhaps they'll grow into Mandrakes?
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Ooooooh I like the mystery
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They look like pinto beans to me...only darker and red-er.  They are pretty though.
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Very pretty beans... good luck with the daikon!
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When all I could see was the thumbnail, I had honestly thought that you had found a baby snake all curled up in your garden and was all ready to start squee-ing. Pretty beans though.
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I hope your garden is a source of peace, relaxation--and yummies.
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