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Caught in the Rain

By ursulav
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I'm sure we've all had this happen...right?


Fooling around with character designs, mostly, and the line "The days when it rained mice were the worst" had been sitting on a note on my desktop for awhile. The two just kinda went together...

Digital, Painter 7. Prints are available for $10 and $20 plus shipping. Send a note or visit [link] for details!
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My mother would've burned the whole town.
FightingGirlArt's avatar
Come children, its time for target practice 
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Wow I LOVE IT I love it I love this picture!!!
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:aww: very creative idea! I love the falling mice, they're so cute!
MistahJxHarley's avatar
very unique concept though my sister pointed out the day it rains hippos and rhinos would be the worst, to which i replied "only if you have the wrong umbrella" lmao im random so idk :D i really like this one
story's avatar
I love mice. If it rained them, I'd go outside with cheesy treats :3
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you are really good :D love you're characters :D
purplecatcreatives's avatar
O_O Oh my...I needed a laugh, thanks so much!!! I love it.
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It rained pink frogs in england once.

At least it didn't rain pink floyds.
Krystalynx's avatar
I love it. :xmas: Merry Christmas.
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Thank goodness it's not raining men! :D
Terra-Storm's avatar
You know... that would suck.. espeically if they were dead mice. x.x
PeridotHorntail's avatar
I've heard of it raining frogs, though those days are usually the best for me.
pinktiger's avatar
Oh no the poor rats!!!
CatONineTales's avatar
Oh I hate that when that happens LOL,
brightshade782's avatar
It would be nice for something other than water to rain in Vancouver.
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are u a children's illustrator????? if not you should be!
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And to think that I thought the expressions was "It was raining cats and dogs", when it should have been "It was raining Rats and Frogs..."
Duamuteffe's avatar
I wish it would rain ratties here, then I could go outside and gather up an umbrella full. Or ferrets, I'd take a ferret rain as well. Anything bigger than that, though, is probably asking for trouble #grins#
brightshade782's avatar
Raining elephants.
tallydraws's avatar
It was the caption that finally did me in. :giggle:
NatalieKelsey's avatar
Gah. Mice are the worst. I mean, pet ones are great. They're clean as that goes and all. But Gah! Wild mice. This is a nightmare concept for me. ;) But so well executed. :giggle:
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...actually yes!
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Plague!!!! I love your style!
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