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Carousel Walrus

The Unfortunate Carousel was the life's work of the regrettable Eighteenth Amir of Sarappa, who dedicated himself to creating the most lavish, elaborate, and grotesque carousel ever made. Carved by the finest artisans, inlaid with gems and precious metals, powered by experimental steam boilers and teams of bullocks, the genius of the Unfortunate Carousel was that it had no horses, but was instead made up of all of those beasts considered graceless, unlovely, unclean, and/or generally obnoxious. Rats and grackles cavorted alongside hippopotomi and squid, rhinos and jackals rode cheek-by-jowl with skunks and gila monsters. By the time it was finished, the Unfortunate Carousel rose two and a half stories, had cost forty-seven lives, driven two engineers mad, and brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, on the first occasion when the carousel was fired up, the main boiler exploded two minutes in, causing general carnage and untold havoc and completely destroying the machinery. The Amir's plans to build a second, even more grandiose carousel were foiled when he was removed from power by an outraged peasantry wielding pitchforks and uninclined to discuss the finer points of carousel-making.

Specimens from the Unfortunate Carousel have turned up in numerous collections in the following centuries, including this very fine white walrus figure, in the private collection of the Marquis of Widdlemark.


Digital, Painter, and yes, prints are available for $10 or $20 plus shipping--send a note or visit [link]
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Nice pic! This creature should be on a marine animal boardwalk carousel alongside sea lions, seahorses, sharks, dolphins, orcas, sea otters, sea turtles, clownfish, octopi, pelicans, and other marine animals!

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Aww, how darling and clever! :love:
IronBrony1981's avatar
I love~ walruses~!:iconawwplz:
icemarked's avatar
u killed it with a spear
II-edison-II's avatar
I've always wanted to ride one lol
Kenren1st's avatar
i would ride a walrus carosel if i ever had the chance
CyberCorn-Entropic's avatar
I so want to see this one as a needlepoint on plastic canvas pattern as well.
SapphireDrake's avatar
This is fantastic! :D I'm thinking hard on putting my carousel pics up on DevArt :)
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wow okay this is really adorable
Feilan's avatar
Yes! This is all kinds of excellant!
Wafflley123's avatar
suspeon's avatar
This is absolutely adorable!
I don't give a damn if I'm 21-I'm riding whaveter carousel has this guy!
FinntheJedi1025's avatar

Me too! Also, I’m 28!

sandypigeon's avatar
I am the Walrus.
cihojuda's avatar
I wanna ride the walrus carousel.
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This is awesome!~
TaraLinzee's avatar
"ugly" animals are sometimes the cutest,just by virtue of their lack of popularity.
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Wow, it's stunning...
Sockmonkeylover's avatar
I love the colours u used!
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I would SO go on this carousel! Would make an epic set of prints/tiles. <3
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