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A commission for a national summer reading program with the theme "Make Waves at Your Library" -- they wanted a big god rising from the sea, and since I do animals much better than humans, I persuaded them to take Capricorn the sea-goat instead of Neptune or something like that. Now that it's actually out in the library, I can post it here!

Compositionally this was a throwback to the old days when I did a lot of cover art--the top had to be dead space for text, and I had to put in so much bleed on the waves that Capricorn looks smaller than he actually came out on the printed posters. (The old skills you learn are never wasted...) Still, came out pretty well, I've gotten lots of great feedback from librarians across the country.

Can't do prints of this one, as it's licensed elsewhere.
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Don't mind him. He's just a funny guy taking his dogs out on a walk!
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I want that belt for summer!!

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That looks like it could be a future god in SMITE: Battleground of The Gods.
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I am liking your work immensely and find your jest and commentary are fantastic!   =)
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Funny thing is I actually have the library poster from this event cause I asked them for it when the event was over they gave it to me. It's still hanging on the wall in my room!

This really is an amazing picture!

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Every time I listen to Within Temptation's 'Aquarius', this picture comes to mind.  Also, the first time I saw a poster of this in my local library, I silently squeed and wanted to shout, "I know who this person is and she is such an awesome artist!  You need to check out her stuff on deviantArt!"
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What can I say? Ooooooooooooh! Doesn't really capture it...
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Oh goodness, I remember this! The only summer reading program I have even taken part of, and I think it was mostly so I could get the bag with this picture on it. I have to say, out of the whole beautifully strange and imaginative thing, my favorite part is the little whale-in-a-jar on his belt.

Anyway, this is marvelous. Good to see it again!
Beautiful. I wish it could be reproduced.
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darn it. As a Cap myself and as someone who adores your art I totally would want a print. Oh well. That's life! :(
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Very well done, like me so muc the details, the mythologycal themes never be old for me
I saw this at my library at the time, despaired of ever finding out the artist, and discovered you here two years later. I stared slack jawed in awe for almost a minute when I walked into our very drab library to find this hanging over the circulation desk. Still awesome.
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Holy shit this is on a poster at my library. that's really cool!!
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I thought this looked familiar! I work in a library, and this was up near the teen section not long ago. It looks great.
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best interpritaton of my zodizc ive ever seen u are a wonderful artist
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Wonderful! love the shades of blue you used ^-^
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Saw this a year ago in Ohio. Loved it then. I now know where it comes from. THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED!
Wooooow! So this is where it came from! Awesome poster! I saw it while I was volunteering. I got a poster as a gift for doing so! It's one of my favorite pieces of art.
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I knew I'd seen this around the libraries. 030
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i love the orcas on leashes. this thing is just too cool.
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That's awesome! You make Capricorn a beast, and I'm a Capricorn, so yay! =D
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