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Canna Heart

I was wowed by the web of yellow over the bright red. Cannas are neat. Their weird lumpy pod things are even neater.

Rather than drown DA in a flood of amateur photography, you can see more (including lumpy pods!) on my Flickr stream at [link]
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This is lovely.
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Oh so pretty. I love that you can see the texture of the petals.
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What lovely colors! And thank you for not flooding DA with amateur photography. ^.^
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That's just downright purty!
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Soo pretty. Nice shot.
I like cannas, although almost everyone I know refers to them as "flags." Why, I have no idea. I have an entire mason jar full of the seeds from the pods I'll do something with one day.
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I like the colors and details.
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Cannas are delicious. And this one is very pretty! Good shot. c:
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Fantastic colouring! X3 xx
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I love closeups of stunning blossoms.. I should go take more pictures.
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I hope you don't mind, but I just took the liberty of adding you as a contact on Flickr so that you'll be on my watch-list there too :)
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That new camera IS very good isnt it! nice one :)
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Very lovely, great shot!:)
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You know... it's not bad enough that you're a great artist, and a phenomenal writer... do you have to turn out to be a great photographer, as well?
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woah dude, this is brilliant, excellent all around!!
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Very nice composition for an amateur photographer!

If you have photoshop, you can give it some drama by playing with levels or curves c:
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But they're PRETTY amateur photos! You have a very good eye for beauty, and you're good at capturing it in all of your work. Keep it up! :D I enjoy admiring your arts.
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Lovely, Ursula.
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