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Brothel Tree Sketch

This was an initial stab at the fantasy brothel "House of Red Fireflies," which is a project I swear to god I'll get back to one of these days.

I hope.

Needed more of a sense of scale, I think, but it wasn't bad for an initial take.
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One of two versions. One in the day and one in the night. Hope you like it! And thanks! LOVE THE SKETCH!
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how do you get that coloring? Does it have a name?

Looks great!
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Just thought I'd take a moment to say that I've absolutely fallen in love with the House of the Red Fireflies concept! HUGE fan! I really, really like the Golem Girl. She may well be my personal favorite.

/gushing fangirl-ness

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very nice, beautiful job on the bark
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Oh, please do work on it... It sounds interesting~ 83
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Beautiful concept.

I can just see this at night with the lanterns glowing softly red, a couple sitting on the back dock...but then maybe thats a little romanticized for a brothel...

can't wait to see the final picture!
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I love the details on the trunk and roots.
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very nice job
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make the lights leading to the door smaller as they get closer to the door, maby do something to the stairs too, they look funny, try making the steps by the water wider
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this is great - what a cute brothel : ).
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Sweet! I love the various entrances.
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Since I know who the clientel could be, the door gives a good sense of scale. Many large breeds would have to fit through that door :x
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The only thing it yet needs are Red Lights. ;) Wonderful design.
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Ooh, this looks quite cosy.
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I always imagine the House of Red Fireflies to be more surrounded by trees than that. But I also imagined it bigger... much bigger. The flag stones seem too large, and some mushroom's not used as porches (or as extended porches, or maybe stairs to bigger mushroom... (is that type of fungus technically a mushroom? I can't recall.))
Perhaps if you do a take two you could try a night time sketch... on a dark background drawn in various opacities of red, just for hte theme.
Again with the size problem, smaller lanterns would help -- maybe larger grandiose ones and smaller functional ones (or vice versa... not that you can tell grandiose from functional in sketch form). Also the branches are very thin for being such low branches, and they don't jut out very far.
This is, of course, assuming that the scale you're going for is HUGENORMOUS and awe-inspiring. Of course, you don't want the patrons to feel inadequate next to the tree...... Ah well. As another Deviant suggested, a few patrons would add a good sense of scale.
Always glad to see your work ^.^
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Ooooh! Looks really neat!

Environments are something I need to work on...

Might I suggest that you make that staircase a little curvy? It might look nice...
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Trees that are also building are a weakness of mine!
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ditto. it's very nice.
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Damn. I wish my unfinished stuff looked that polished. I tend to fall more in the "oh, god. did you have a stroke?" category. but the sepia tones here and the general feel of the picture is quite lovely, since of scale or no.
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I'd put a figure in there somewhere, for scale. What others have said is true too: you don't realize how large it is until you look at the very small front door. I was going to say at first: imagined it being much bigger. But it *is* :)
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How lovely, I'd patronize it. I'd take a boat right up to the dock in back.
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