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Boreal Yams

By ursulav
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In the cold waters of the Arctic, the largest member of the sea tuber family is the great tusked yam. Weighing up to two tons, the yams of the north are ungainly on land but sleek and graceful in the water. Both male and female yams have tusks, which they use to root around the sea floor, and very rarely, in combat between large males. The yams travel in large family groups, and while a polar pear may occasionally snag a very young or old and rotten yam, the adult yam has no natural predators. They can often be found sunning themselves on rocky outcroppings in summer, or rooting on the shifting icefloes in winter.

Acrylic, 16 x 20. I promised you more Weird Fruit! (Okay, it's a Weird Vegetable. Close enough...) While I painted this mostly to tackle painting the ocean in acrylic, which I'd never really tried before, I think the color contrast came out well. The downside, as I realized early on, was that a yam on a rock looks a bit like...well...Something Else on a rock. I obsessed about this for a bit, until I realized that a walrus flopped on a rock, as much as I love them, is also kind of a brown tapered lump, and there was no getting away from the resemblance unless I made Boreal Artichokes or something. The original is for sale, and whether the buyer tells guests that it's a painting of Boreal Yams, or of...Boreal...something Not My Problem. Prints available! Drop a note, visit [link] if I've updated for prices and whatnot.
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This is my favorite of yours so far. :03

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How about an ottercado, a cross between an otter and an avocado?
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Love the description xD
theIcecolo's avatar
*looks up yams on DA*
I am not dissapointed
RoyalDuchessMajesty's avatar
I yam amazed at your skill. :)
chucktree's avatar
I cant tell you how much I love this painting. <3 like i really love this. is this piece sold yet?
Dendroabates's avatar
Hi, I think these weird animals are your best works; they're well done and inspired !
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This is awesome.
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LMAO! XD These are just adorable! I love them! ^.^
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Yuck....yams. I do love Yamrus!:heart::love:
GarnethRiparian's avatar
Wha.... That is... How do you even think of something like this???
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A very creative way to show a weird vegetable. I love walruses and I love yams! What could be better than mixing them together? I just hope there aren't any polar pears around!
youvegotmaille's avatar
In Opry Mills mall in Nashville there lives a carousel with some out of the ordinary animals (dolphins, swans and whatnot), among which is an otter, whose stomach you can ride (that's right, its belly, not its back, which seems slightly weird to me). However, as it whirls around to obligatory organ music, you can't really tell it's an otter until you get right up on it. It looks more like...

"Mommy, I want to ride the potato!"
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What a creative idea!! I love yams!!
PikaRox's avatar
I love your wierd fruit (/vegetables) :D
MinorTechnicality's avatar
I love yams! So tasty. :D

...... polar pear... :giggle:
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Woo! I love Yamz!
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HaHa fuuhuhuuuunyeeeee
EatToast's avatar
i have a newfound love of yams.
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You should do a drawing of a polar pear! =D
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They're so cute.
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