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Boar Sketches

By ursulav
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I like boars. Unfortunately they've got really difficult faces, which is part of what's neat about them, but it also makes 'em a stone bitch to draw...my style tends towards rounding and cute-ifying, but I really want to preserve the essential delightful lumpiness of the boar.

Also, they never sell. The people who love pigs are few and far between.

Still, I've been doodling them off and on ever since I got this neat boar pendant by Foxfeather at AC.
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Ahaha! I love the squinty eyed one on the bottom left! XD That expression is so great :XD:
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I love the top most two. Something about them. =]
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I'd buy your artwork if I could. D: I like pigs and everything you draw and colour. :D
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I find myself much enamored with both boars and hyenas. But I've been told repeatedly that I'm a freak. I think I'm alright with this.
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i do not believe it! everyone likes piggies! :)
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Aww, The ones at the right are so cute.
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I love the "D'OH" boar on the bottom left. It's hilarious. And Smoke-Z is right, the one on the top right is very evocative of Ed. Something about the long snout and the way the dangling paw makes it look like he's talking with his hands. I mean... hooves. :)
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That one on the top right looks like he could sit down to a tea party with Digger and Ed.
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wonderful stuff
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Ah, I love boars though! Fluffy pigs that live in the woods are the best.
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My wife LOVES piggies and wilf boar like this, she even has a character for a wild boar.
it amuses me. Most liekly she will look at this.
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I love boars too :) I've always liked how they look so much wilder than domestic pigs, with their furry ridged backs and tusks. The boar head in the upper left there is my favorite. They rather hard to draw and you did a great job. Luve's uniboar are amazing :) I wish I had talent like you two.

Have you seen Princess Mononoke? They boar in that anime are some of my favorite. I love how they look.
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I cried like a little girl over the poor Boar God in Mononoke.
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I was sad when Lord Akoto died too. He was so cool...all silvery and blindy. And when they exploded all the other poor boars! So sad :(
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Poor boars need more love. :c
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Awesome!! Boars in your style are fantastic. I love them!
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In my :icondtf-stock: account I have a few red river hogs and some other piggies, feel free to use those if you need them. I love wild hogs, for some reason. Boars and such are really cool.
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I'm on of those few and far boar lovers! These sketches are great!
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Is the one in the foreground giving the Vulcan salute?
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i was thinking this too. perhaps he is part targ!
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"Live long and prosper. Then let me disembowel you. C'mon, it'll be fun."
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WOO! was wondering when you'd try out some hawgs 8]
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*grin* I've been admiring yours for ages--I wish I could work out a stylization as graceful as yours!
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