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Blue Tang Bunny

A very quick little piece, 3.5 x 3.5, of a sketch I've had kicking around for ages and was suddenly in the mood to paint. Those markings are from the blue tang, a saltwater fish (Yes, Dory, yes, I know.)

Mixed media, original for sale, and I'll try fooling with the DA prints here, since offering mini-prints would involve having to re-work my entire shopping cart at the moment...
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its like dory turned into a bunny!
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very good, love the idea of taking the regal tang and putting it into a bunny form xD, it reminds me of my childhood when i watched finding nemo 5 to 8 times a day, i loved that movie, anyways, very nice painting.
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It's just so happy... brain... shutting.. .down... cute... overload D:
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Thats such an awesome concept ^_^

What gave you the idea for it?
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Hmmm... it kinda looks like the old watership down animated movie. More specifically the black rabbit that takes hazel away at the end when he dies. Intentional??
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The pose of the rabbit puts me in mind of the Black Rabbit of Inle from Rankin-Bass's animated Watership Down.

The color pattern does fit well. Excellent work.
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Blue Tang Bunny ain't nothing to mess with.

Nice art.
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I knew I recognized the color scheme on this little fluffy and iconic rabbit. Very awesome!
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It's so wee and cute!
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Yes, Dory, could not forget that or not say that. Finding Nemo is responsible for associating the name Dory with the blue tang fish.

I love this rabbit, I now wish they came in blue.
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I saw a real bunny today, I wish they came in blue now.

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Sorry, I couldn't help it ;)
Great job, I love the contrast between the blue bunny and the yellowy background =D
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Not knowing the name of the blue tang fish, my first thought was "How does this relate to the astronaut breakfast drink?" and my second was "OK, maybe it's a reference to the group Wu-Tang Clan?"
Weird: I looked at this and thought "Oh hey, nudibranch!"
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I can never get blue to work on a yellow background. Usually it looks ugly as heck.

So to me, this deserves great kudos for making a colour scheme I can't master look good.
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Excellent in idea and composition. Love what you did with the background, as well, though it seems to be fairly standard for you (meaning "interesting" is your precedent - a good thing! [although it sometimes leads to, say, towering blue penises, but that comes with the territory]).
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What a cute idea!
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Just keep hopping
Just keep hopping
Just keep hopping hopping hopping
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that's awesome! it reminds me of Dory from finding nemo :)
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