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Blue Rabbit

More fun with circles and blue! This is also on a 5 in. diameter MDF have to make some kinda squashy changes to anatomy to make it fit in the circle properly, so he got very bunchy hindquarters for a bunny. On the other hand, if people are expecting realism, the fact that he's BLUE probably doesn't help...

Prints available for $10, you can get the whole set of round blue beasties for $20, send a note or visit Red Wombat Studio at [link]
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You have been featured here [link] I hope you like it!
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It's adorable! Anyone expecting strict realism from you is barking up the wrong fish/frog/tree-creature.
yzarc's avatar
looks sad =3
brushtail-thegreat's avatar
I would seriously love to see this guy as a button.
animorph4ever's avatar
that would be amazing
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Super cute little bunny :heart:
Flying-seacow's avatar
The colors are so gorgeous.
kalany's avatar
Out of curiosity, how do you know it's a he?
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Have you thought about making these into coasters?
DavidThorne2Day's avatar
Wonderful use of blue and yellow. Thanks for creating this and for sharing it.
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I want plates like this!
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This looks just like my baby bunny. Same facial expression too :) well except my bunny isn't blue. :P
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Why is Rabbit squished? Prolly cuz of u. XD.

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You'd be blue too if you were squished into a circle.

Although he looks more like a hare here... it's the longer face and ears.
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I think the rabbit is most fitting to the circle so far!
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Aww... a blue bunny, that's heaps sweet.
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Oh man and here I was thinking I had a monopoly on blue rabbits! :giggle: Seriously, though, blue is OBVIOUSLY the best color for a rabbit. Obviously. I thought so too: [link]
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buhhhh SO cute. And blue! I :heart: your squashy anatomy X3
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