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Blind Date

By ursulav
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You know, for once I think the title is all the explanation needed...

Mixed media, mostly acrylic and colored pencil, on illo board, 9 x 15. Still foolin' with the technique. The frog's expression is what makes it for me, I think.

Original is SOLD! Prints available for $10 plus shipping! Also send a note, or visit [link]
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I guess the internet at my house-in-the-middle-of-nowhere (TM) is dying again, cause the half with the toad wouldn't load. (Forgive the rhyme- wasn't on purpose.) and it's the day of the Great Lord of the Fruits, so I was expecting a pear. (Part of that might be the fact that's I've spent April Fools Day on pain meds....(the strong kind) My brain is even more fried than normal.
(And congratulations on becoming a meme maker!)

P.S. Forgive the rambling, I talk on pain meds- some people become 'drunk', and I just can't shut up. It translates into typing.)
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Very cute work! :)
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Hi, this have been featured in this news article: [link] :heart:
Don't forget to :+fav: the article in the upper left corner so more can see it :hug:
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You have been featured here: [link] :heart:
Please fav the article so more people can see your art!
Ha! I met my hubby on a blind date!
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I think that this is we all hope not to find when we go on a blind-date. ;P
I just love this one :nod:
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damn that's too cute :D and funny
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You have such an amazing gallery, and it was hard to pick one favourite but this is soooo it! Very cute, love the frog's expression! :+devwatch: + :+fav:
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ahah that's so cute!
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the squirrel's hand... lost a thumb? or got the position wrong?

or is it just me? :lol:
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They are so sweet ! :love:
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I about fell out of my chair at the frog's hopeful expression XD!

Nature's way of pairing can be a little bit skewed for some folks. The poor squirrel doesn't know what to think.

I've been there in the frog's place a few times before my fiance stepped in. It's so cutely done and it makes me smile. The words "before you meet the handsome prince, you've gotta kiss a lot of frogs!" spring to mind.

That frog makes this piece simply fave-worthy. Such an eager and adorable expression!

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lol. my mother likes it :)
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lol that's so cute! xDD I've never been on a blind date, but i'm sure people who have were just as shocked as she was. Maybe not all of them but some.

very cute! ^^
I just love the smile on his face
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Ahh I love the froggy! Must definitely :+fav:!! ^_^
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... haha good one :D
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hahaha that's so Evil! I love it!
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Yep ... I love the frog's expression. The grin is just so ... Lol ... Cute.

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You can't not grin from the expression of the frog... :)
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please tell me he turned out to have a 'GSOH' and they lived happily ever after. Otherwise i'll cry, poor frog, she looks so disappointed, lovely outfit though x x x
RhiannonSmith's avatar
Very Cute. Quite the Hansome frog eh. Lol
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