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Black Dress Detail

By ursulav
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See, this is how scribbly we're talkin'. The shrinking and the jpg-ing clean it up a lot, but it's really a lot looser than it looks.
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i love the scribbly technique, I think it rather works for texture and such. what kind of brush do you use to get that effect?
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Perhaps you could make the scribbly style look more "finished" if you did it in real media, like pastels, and then did a tiny bit of attempting to let it blend in more. The loosness of the colors is great, but the individual lines give it a slightly unfinished look that perhaps a little blending could fix up. Depending on your program, you can do that digitally as well, but you'd need practice doing it in real media unless you're even more of a digital genius than you make yourself out to be.
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Oh, I see. :nod: I think it's a fantastic style, it's less digital-looking.
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wow, that looks really cool, especially the shoulder there, and i like the style of the highlights on the dress
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i personally love the scribbly technique. it can so much more interesting then if it were completely smooth.
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still better than I could do....great job!
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OOh, I just did something like this for fun with this same technique and I couldn't believe how fun it was! Very nice by the way. I love all of the different colors, they give her such a luminescent look.
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I actually like that style of "scribbly"! The character is defined, and quite attractively so, and yet the "scribble" shows the hand of the artist!

One of my favorite artists is Drew Struzan. His skills at rendering are amazing, and yet his work has a characteristic "scribble" to it that's wonderful... it gives it a human touch that I love.

Had to :+fav: it just because she's got that cute smirk, too...
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I love all the different colors in the hair, and how they all come together anyways. Great style and I think your cartoony human here looks wonderful!
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It's nice to see the actual technique. Amazing that you what you can achieve with "scribbles" :D --AG
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do you allways work with all these lines?? That's no bad... only... then I think in your big drawings and... wooow so many work they have had! O.o
Very good. It is interesting to see a person from you :nod: But I see you are excellent anyway
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Oh pretty!! I love it!
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I like it! I love how the "strokes" are visible
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Hm, yeah, I think I prefer it a bit neater, but I still like her a whole lot.
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*gasp* it does clean it up quite a bit. I do love the "scribbly" definitions in the hair, though. Very nice. ^_^
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I really like this new technique you are using. You do such stunning work! I am so glad to have discovered your work here on DA!!!!
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Something about the way the scribbles on the dress stand out gives it an oddly neon effect... as if someone managed to take one of those bizarre velvet elvis paintings, cut it into a dress, and wandered off after waving it in the direction of a blacklight.

...then again, I haven't slept in far too long and am likely imagining things. Still. Nifty glow.
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that is, without a doubt, the most classic thing i've heard all week.
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Yeesh, you really don' wanna be there when I start referencing Dogs Playing Poker and such, trust me. It just goes downhill from there. *pets the cute 'lil aminal in yer signature*
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yeah, she's gorgeous. her name is... shoot. i haven't given her one yet. it's... anni. yes. anni. :aww:
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It's still a beautifull piece. :) :clap:

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Lovely, I suppose, but it just ain't the same without the critter.
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