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Black Dress

By ursulav
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This was purely experimental. I started with a very minimal sketch, basically cartoony, no detail at all, and colored it with overlapping scribbly color to try to add volume and some depth to see where it went. I kinda like the result, has a grain that I find appealling. (The original sketch was just her head and shoulder, but since she seemed to be looking at something, it just kinda went from there, with classic flat black I-don't-want-to-spend-to-long-on-this-so-screw-it eveningwear and obligatory Small Mammal.)

Of course, if I wanted to make a habit of this sort of thing, I'd have to get rather better at cartoony stuff, which is not my forte. Well, except hamsters. And wombats. And mice. And...okay, I'd have to get better at cartoony HUMANS, as opposed to the small mammal and baffled lizards armies that populate my skull on a regular basis. For somebody who does a webcomic with a fair number of humans, I'm still not all that comfortable with it, never broke them down to a graceful thirty-second stylization the way I did wombats and hyenas and whatnot, probably because my last serious effort in that direction took place with "How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way" propped on my knee in college, and you don't even wanna know how long ago that was. Ah, memories...
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he clearly loves his pet human and wants to keep her.
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She takes one step forward and that little hamster's going on a joy ride of a tumble, lmao. *schwing*
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i really like the pink highlighs on the dress, looks great (and i hate pink)
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I like this style. It's kinda cute, and fuzzy, and really does add a depth that I don't see very often.

That is just the *cutest* little hamster! ...thingie.
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I love the lady - her face has a lot of character.

And your scribbly technique is AWESOME.
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awww so tweeeet! *hugs herself*
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Love the style, ursulav! :clap: It reminds me of the quirky illustrative style of the New Yorker, and your scribbly textures are gorgeous. My most favorite, though, has to be the cute little vole/hamster/mammal looking up at her - it's so adorable! *wants to pet it* It's like a little pear! :D
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I just _love_ the little mammal! ;D ;D

Nice colouring too. I like the "sketchy feeling". =)
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i'm loving the facial expressions both on the gorgeous lady and the small mammal. keep it up!
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It's the Small Mammals that make your art worthwhile. Love them.
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Lol...ohmigosh...that is sexy and cute!
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Mmm, very nice, she looks so elegant! And pleased to find a hamster (guinea pig?) on the train of her dress. Lovely use of blues, purples, and greens for her skin tone, it works very well and shows you're quite the master of color.
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*grin* A hoohmanbean! Wow... :omfg:

Seriously, though. You've given the lady in this image a great deal of character, she's both lovely and playful at the same time. As for the struggle with drawing people, it's rather like the old Japanese saying: "Devils are easy to paint, but horses are very difficult"... that which is familiar to us makes it tough to get it "just right"... but you've done an excellent job at portraying this person! I do love the colors and textures of her skin, and the flow of her stance.

And I've got a copy of "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" ... had it forever, it seems...
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*Loves small mammal for all eternity*
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YAY for experimentation, little black dresses, small mammals and baffled lizards!!! :heart: --AG
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I really love this :) Your scraps gallery is turning into another deviation gallery hehe
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w00t, comics the marvel way! XD i remember that book...and then i remember thinking to myself, if any of the marvel girls stood up straight, they'd fall out of their outfits and you'd hear a symphony of relieved crackling noises from their backs... so i went back to sifting through comics for artists besides Jim Lee.

anyway, enough of that tangent...i love the little mammal guy. he kinda looks like a big vole. XD
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Lovely. Oh so very lovely.
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Very cute. And where would one find your webcomic?
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Oh! At [link]--I do "Digger"
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Cool. I shall check it out :)
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