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Biting Bunny Pear

A very quick little 5 x 7 for the AC art show.

Weirdly enough, I hadn't ever really re-painted the Biting Pear before,* despite the fact that it got loose on the internet and became something of a phenomenon. (It writes home now and again. I occasionally get photos of it protesting Scientology. I feel good about that.) However, I've had a few people ask for sketches of the pear at conventions (and a couple who want photos of themselves with me and the Pear, who are apparently delighted to have found the original creator.)

Still, getting ready to go to AC, and thinking about fursuits and things that wear animal costumes Feels like I'm doing fan art of my own stuff, somehow, but there you are.

(Look, I get WEIRD before an art show, okay? Just go with it...)

5 x 7 mixed media, a wee little piece, which will be for sale at the AC art show, unless somebody wants to make me an offer. Prints are available, for $10 plus shipping.

*There's a tiny one off in the distance of the "Great Eggplant" painting, but that's it.
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Laurentiusje's avatar
Reminds me of Jimmy Neutron
dragonduo05's avatar
I love the text as much as the art (which is lovely!)
AlanJigsaw's avatar
Omg its that one scary pear meme thing
baloneysubmarine's avatar
ITS EASTER KIDS!!! :iconderpplz:
buttermuffyn's avatar
i wanna give'em a hug..
looks like a playboy pear:la:it's so pornoholic:lmao:...i really like it:love:
salvadorkatz's avatar
weird...but cute thought :p
Thistly's avatar
Have you seen the animated music video for kwoon's "I lived on the moon"? the purple plant in that reminds me so much of your pear, and your weird fruits in general, I wonder if biting pear was the inspiration there :)
Skirushiemon's avatar
LOL Too funny. :D
Awesome. :3
JasperHaleFan's avatar
its so cool, im highly disturbed *
JasperHaleFan's avatar
its so cool, im highly diturbed.
DexAntares's avatar
He's never looked happier!

Wait a minute... can fruit have gender?
Yoruichi-Sensei's avatar
lol So the pear's a furry? Still cute though. x3
LuisaRafidi's avatar
Love the vivid colors :)
animefreak120's avatar
I love it.

It's the most adorable pear ever.

I should totally get a pear and make one of these. xD

Don't worry about me. I'm fine... -laugh-
danc1ng1nthera1n's avatar
fan art of your own stuff... I say continue, I love it
arwenita's avatar
Hahaha so funny :D great character :D
saffiremoon21's avatar
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