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I fell sort of sideways into birdwatching as a hobby--it started innocently enough. We moved to a place with a fabulous deck, and lots of wooded area, and the neighbors all had feeders, so on a whim, I put up a bird feeder, and lo! The birds came! And then I put up a suet feeder, and different birds came! And some of them were AMAZING! And then I heard you can get even more birds with nyger seed, so I put that up, and finches came! And then I put a feeder on the ground and the doves and the cardinals and the juncoes and the white-crowned sparrows came! And then I had run out of feeder options, unless I wanted to put up a hummingbird or oriole feeder (and don't think I'm not tempted) but lo! There were cameras and lifelists, and lots of similiar minded people who are thrilled to see birds and talk about birds and without quite knowing how, I found myself at the Great Dismal Swamp, armed with binoculars extolling the virtues of the prothonotory warbler to my patient and baffled husband. And then I realized, I've become a birder. It just happened.

What also happened is a nagging sensation that the birds find me amusing. I kinda sympathize with the mouse here. Sometimes, you're fumbling with the guidebooks, juggling binoculars, trying to count wingbars or head stripes, and you just know the birds are laughing at you.

Original approx 10 x 10 mixed media is for sale, prints available for $10 plus shipping, drop a line if interested!
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"it started innocently enough"... LOL... humm... how else could it start? In a dark dungeon in an abandoned castle near a cemetery, there have meet some of the most vicious crime lords and just... very evil people, to discuss...
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I love all of your mouse drawings! And I always a feeling nature is laughing at us,especially squirrels when I attempt to climb trees. ^.^; That mouse looks so baffled and annoyed. :)
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Or, in my case, the dear little bird hides said wing-bars, head stripes etc and refuses to be identified. I think it must be boring to look like every other member of your species every single day of your life. Hmmm.....birdie dress-up....must go find sketch pad....
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Cruising through your stuff this morning (4 a.m.) I came across Birdwatching. It being very early in the morning, and having been up for 2 hours already with an insufficient amount of coffee, I read it as Birdwitching and was confused. Then thought how appropriate a title to see at your site on something equally charming and slightly to the left. Hope I see that some day, if you haven't already done it. BTW, the print of Foreign Legion Penguin my daughter gave me for mother's day is hanging where everyone who enteres can see it. I'm infatuated with your work. Thanks.
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Oh man that is just too cute ^_^
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Cute, Funny, and great! Like most of your work :) :+fav:
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I'm a bit of a birder too, so I relate to this, heheh. The bird is humoring the poor thing...oy.
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awww! enough said...:worship:
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haha they're so cute. i love their expressions.
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it's so adorable! i love cartoon character mice. =D
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The mouse's expression is priceless and charming.
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Ah, the joys of birding. ;D I love the little Sibley cover. :D
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I apologize for lack of actual comment, but I can't find the words to express my astounishment. Amazing! I absolutely love it. I'm a huge fan of mice and this a superb piece!
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The mousey looks so sad. :petting:
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oh i luv the little fella on top!! so cute! ^^
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I imagine I look like that mouse when I've seen something really strange and suspect it's a rare species... I also fell accidentally into birdwatching, but I made it a lifestyle. It's a uniqe thing :D Like nayyraptor commented, its hard to understand how it can be so very very satisfying. Its like a primal instinct
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Your work is absolutely beautiful, i'm totaly amazed.
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That's funny! And really cute.
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Once again, the expressions on your work do it for me. I love the on their faces! And, not to mention the incredible quality of your art.
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