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The other demons made fun of Throggle's teddy bear, but he knew that one day, one glorious bloody day, Beelzebear would rise and destroy them all, then take its rightful place among the high lords of hell. On that day, Throggle would be generously rewarded for his devotion.

And until then, it was nice to snuggle with.


Demons of Throggle's ilk seem to look a lot like trolls. Must be convergent evolution or something...

Digital, Painter 7, foolin' around with something cute and silly. Prints are available for $10 and $20, plus shipping--send a note or visit [link] for details!
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Love it! Especially with the backstory. :)
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great colors wow damn it i think i i just fell in love with your work lol everything in your gallery is just so words cant describe colorful and some dark all im saying is awesome work :)
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Gorgeous, characterful, unique work.
I love it.
and the little story thing.
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Wow ! It´s crazy ! Funny story and perfect picture ... :D !
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I love how it reads like a cartoon, but embodies how a toad would look if they smiled. :-)
Wow, love your little stories you have for each one of your devs.. This one is excellent!
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i love this pic!!!!
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Wonderful!! I love your imagination!!
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haha...nice one...
fuzzy little demons
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this is one of the greatest things i've ever seen!
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that's my favourite of all!
hey, have you ever thought of making real toys of those characters?!... specially the hama sutra... it would be quite nice (lol)
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The cuteness! It Burns!
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Love it!!! The deviation, of course, but the story makes it... Love the way your wheels turn ;)
OH MY GOD!he is so evill !!and he is in my fav. and you are in my friends list
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Oh man XD Too awesome.
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omg he is sooo cute!! favee
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its so cute....i just wanna hug him and squees him and hold him close to me.:glomp:
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Such a funny expression :giggle:
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I love his expression. And the horns, they're so cool!
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Hehe, great little critter.
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