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Bee on Anise Hyssop

Okay, I'm actually kinda proud of this one. I was fooling with the raw files rather than getting them splatted out as a jpg, and there really is a significant difference in output if you're willing to mess with the little sliders and whatnot.

Plus, I mean...the eyes! Look at the eyes!

This is the anise hyssop in my garden--bees and butterflies go absolutely nuts for it. I'm gonna plant more this fall, I think, it keeps all the bugs in a frenzy.

Other macro photos from today's excursion can be seen at [link]
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1/60 second
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55 mm
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Aug 7, 2009, 1:30:11 PM
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aww what a cutie! awesome shot!
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This is beeautiful
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I've never seen a Bumble bee with those kind of eyes. Thats weird. nice catch though! It might be a drone (male bumble bee) with some lusistic properties in its eye. most drones have a solid black colored eye. Also, drones hardly leave the nest, so u got a rare opportunity to snap a pic of it. <3 Must fave this!
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The eyes are quite spectacular - I've never seen much colour, unless they happened to be faceted.
xXDeathForYouXx's avatar
Woww, amazing how you got the eyes like that! =0
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....this is wondrous. those eyes! that delicate leg!
...sounds like I'm raving about some lady.O.o
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Oh wow, that is really close. The bee looks so into it. X)
Jedi-Gemstone's avatar
Those eyes are pretty funky ^_^
Nice shot =)
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oh wow...this is just ahhhmazing!
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In small view this always looks like a very startled bird to me. The eyes are incredible and my fiancee now wants to get a camera like yours as well. She does utter the same mantra about macro lenses and theres one about filters too. "must not buy macro..."
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I've never noticed how cute these bees were... till now. :D
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You might have converted me to RAW.
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beautiful shot!
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Aww, big fluffy bees are so cute.

And I think it's been said but I could've sworn it was a bird from the thumbnail. :O_o:
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gah the foof! the foof! and the appropriately buggy bug-eyes! sho kyoot.
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Such an adorable bee, I love bees, I like to pet them, and I have not had one sting me yet. Though a bumble bee did make some obscene gestures at me the other day. The trick is knowing when to back off.
Wow, those eyes are amazing.

I love bees!! I think they're kinda adorable.
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You should be proud, that's impressive.
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I was wondering what kind of macro lens you use? Your right about playing with them in raw formatting. You can get so much more out of the photos that way!! I like this one loads. Even if bugs do freak me out. lol
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You might think about getting these to some photo resource companies. I work at a publishing company that does educational material. I can't TELL you the amount of books that we've done on bugs. We're always looking for more images of bees on flowers or examples of different species of beetles.
You have colorful and clear images. Print worthy! Just a thought.
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FLUFFY BEE!!! ahhhhhhhh
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Damn, you can get awefully close! :o I can count it's hairs! And yes, the eyes are gorgeous.
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