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I just got a REALLY cool camera. And I realize everybody and their brother goes and takes macro photos of random insects and so forth, and my photography is basically enthusiastic amateur naturalism rather than art, and I should be saying many intelligent things about color and composition as befits a painter but frankly most of my brain is screaming OH MY GOD, I CAN SEE THE BITS OF POLLEN ON HIS LITTLE FEELERS so...uh...yeah.
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Cute little bee.
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Her little feelers, actually.... Drones don't work.
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Beautiful work
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great pic, i love to see all the details

i saw i really similar image in an giant poster in mexico
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He's a cute little bee. Different than the buckfast bees that we have (from the beekeeper's hives) around here, but still cute. Nice work to capture it, they don't always hang out long enough to get a good look like that.
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awww a bee :D

look at her, so fluffy kinda want to pet her :D
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So that`s what the creepy little arses look like upclose.
Even though Im allergic to bees I like this picture. :)
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Bees would be so drat cute if they didn't hurt so bad.

Amazing shot. :3 I love your enthusiasm -- I prefer that over hearing/reading some professional's babbling about something I don't understand. DX
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They look so much cuter up close. :o
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Wow. What camera did you get?
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Just one comment here - (I'll be quite again after that, I swear!)

The photo might look better if you didn't crop it so closely. There isn't any "breathing space", and it throws off the balance of the image.

You should know that!
Yes, everybody takes macro pictures when they get a cool camera. Everybody also drinks water when they're thirsty. It's how we are.

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You and your brother must be just like me and my brother =p

I love this bee though- Look how fluffy it is!!
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Bees are fuzzy...I keep forgetting. Normally when I see a bee I go the other direction.
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Bees! :heart: So much love for bees.
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HAAHAHa H3ll yeah!!! it seems you are haveng a great time with your new camera!! NICE!!! I love this photo!!!. The greean spider photograph is really cool, and little scary xD hehehe

CXS ^-*
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Bees are so cute and fuzzy, especially bumblebees. I like to stare at them while they collect pollen. XD
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What kind of camera?
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There's something utterly adorable about bees... Unless they're stinging you. >_>
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AWESOME! I love bees! Their so cute and fuzzy! :D
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Actually, I think this is a really nice macro shot. And if it makes you feel any better, I recently got a new camera too and have been taking random macro shots. Haven't uploaded any to dA yet, but I just might :D
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Very nice pic of a bee. ;3
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Just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler, you start posting pictures of bugs. :swoon:

We are so not worthy!

Ok, we are. :D
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