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Battlesquash Sketch

Hmm, this might work as a little watercolor sometime...the noble mouse warrior on his fearsome battlesquash. (Grown specially for battle, these must be raised in separate beds, less they savage the other, tamer vegetables.)
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Hahaha, you just have the best ideas!
LordEnrique's avatar
Seeing as you are a busy woman, is there a hypothetical chance that if one desired to finish an incomplete work of yours, they'd have permission to do so?
creep-smear's avatar
ahaha this made me laugh! awesomeeee
AnnVole's avatar
I read that title as the animation term "squash and stretch"
Taliesin-Kyoshi's avatar
:rofl: Dude! This is AWESOME! :boogie:
Electroblood's avatar
awww i love it!!
WendyLynn's avatar
:lmao:Oh I love the battlesquash!! It would be so funny to see them hopping about!!
Galaxieretter's avatar
It looks to be more of a pack veggie.
moonbaydesigns's avatar
Dude!!!! I wants a battle squash!!
Rafferty's avatar
Battle squash! Hahaha!
bear48's avatar

very nice job
XiCree's avatar
"Least they savage the other tamer vegitables,"

You are either insane, brilliant or whole lotta both... Is there ALWAYS some thing small and fuzzy running around your brain?

-Himitsu The Hunter
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Now I realize what my attack hamster was missing... his battlesquash. I feels so silly now.
Infog's avatar
Do paint the attack squash; a battle scene might do well in the backgroud. :P
WurdBendur's avatar
Awesome, I can't wait to see it finished. The world needs more battlesquash.
Nimras's avatar
*sqees!* You must finish this one, so I may bully my husband (pelt him with squash?) until he buys me a print as a present.

Of course, now I'm craving a companion piece featuring a guinea pig and his vegetable mount.
botchiball's avatar
hahahaha, wtf?
emcic's avatar
Yaay it's the battlesquash cavalry!

I love it!
Mokiemorty's avatar
xD What?

That's hilarious in it's own way. I love it.
afke11's avatar
This is too funny. Yes, needs color! :D
shut-up-and-draw's avatar
I've never been so scared of a's usually soup that terrifies me!

Absolutely brilliant.
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