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Bat sketch

Every time I trip over this sketch, I think "Man! I gotta get a painting done of this!" and then I get distracted by

What was I saying, again?
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Those are some cute bats.. Kind of reminds me of the environment that Squishy (I think that was his name) lives in
Lanthir44's avatar
Aww, they're so cute! (^__^)
Magicduck's avatar
The line weight of the lines in the middle of the cave makes my brain twitch with their contrast... that is a neat visual cue.
animefreak120's avatar
The bats are cute. ^3^
ShadowEngine's avatar
bat 1: "whatcha up to?"
bat 2: "just hang'n, ya know?"
Iskame's avatar
Love, love, love it!
dragonladych's avatar
Yes! Bat painting! I want to see it! I sure would buy a print and put it up in my office at the museum (we are a bat research center)
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
But you couldn't prevent bats from being flappy...

You are the mistress of the chiaroscuro.
Twitching's avatar
I love how their bodies are so gestural- like they've just seen something and gone, "wait...what?"
stokerbramwell's avatar
It's bats! Of course you need to get a painting done of this! And I need to buy it from you! It is DESTINY!
m-the-ninja's avatar
Hee hee! This *would* make a cute painting!
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