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Badger Kachina



The anthro-critter-in-Indian-gear is practically a cliche of furry art, but I've noticed that it's rare you see them in anything but semi-generic Plains Indian garb. Which is a shame, because there's some really nifty costumes available somewhat farther afield. This guy, for example, is wearing an approximation of the costume worn by the Honan, or Badger Kachina, during the Plaza Dances of the Hopi Kachinas. (Approximate because A) my grasp of watercolor isn't sufficient for really hellacious beadwork, and B) I didn't see much point in putting a badger mask on him.) Growing up in Arizona, I always thought the kachinas were seriously cool, and I've painted a few of 'em, most notably my little blue frog kachina...will have to do some more in the future.

On a technical note, I do NOT have the patience to paint fur normally in watercolor--it takes too much advance planning. So it was with great delight that I realized I could paint pretty decent fur just by laying down base colors and then glazing the clumps over the top in white casein paint. Woohoo, another victory for impatience!
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This is a very lovely piece of work. I love how you can see into the Badgers kind soul in this picture.