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September 5, 2007
Azaezelbunny by *ursulav brings out the darker side of bunnies. Not only is this a well done piece of artwork, but it has a story-line in the description too.
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Bob had a sinking feeling that his correspondance course, "Learn Ancient Enochian Summoning Rituals By Mail!" had left out a few important bits.

That, or the Easter Bunny had gone REALLY goth...

---------------------------------------- ------------------------
Detail of Bob: [link] (You really need to see it for the full effect...)

This was pure self-indulgence on a lot of levels. For one thing, it's digital, which for me is a delightful decadence, and I actually used the airbrush, which I tend to avoid like the Black Plague. For another thing, it's artistically self-indulgent--big figure, very simple background, basically a portrait. Third, it's my favored composition of Tiny Cute Thing Vs. Giant Mean Thing, taken to a sort of absurd extreme. And for a fourth thing, people frequently write to tell me that one of the things they like about my work is that it's so happy and not Dark and Angsty, which both delights me (I'm glad they like that!) and makes me kinda want to do something Dark and Angsty, because back in the day, I was as angsty as anybody, damnit, and I'd like to think I still could be. If, y'know, I wanted to.

Of course, bein' me, I had to include Bob. I mean, c'mon. Poor guy. While demon princes--even lapine ones--are generally not known for their compassion, I'd kinda like to think that maybe Bob gets out of this somehow. However, I only get the snapshot of the moment, I rarely get the story on either side, so the viewer will have to decide for themselves whether Bob's correspondance course included unsummoning. *grin*

EDIT: Jumbo LE print run sold out in two hours. Holy mackerel. Did not see that one coming. Ah--there's a couple I'm saving, one will go on auction on Furbid in a day or two, and the rest will go to conventions. Thank you, guys!
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KuroiChiTaka's avatar
I'm happy I spotted this, there are details that I think will help with a concept I've been thinking about recently
Finwuthdov's avatar
I have no words to express how I feel about this, so I will have to suffice for "this is epically kick-ass!" :)
Clusterskulls's avatar
Zorbonaut's avatar
What a badass.
theMerse's avatar
I have to ask, is that a trilobite on the big one's shoulder? If it is, however the hell you thought to add a trilobite to a rabbit's design is a thing to be admired.

Anyways, I looove the contrast of the small adorable rabbit against this huge dangerous looking thing- I can see how it's one of your favorite compositions. The glowing flower really adds to it, and feels indispensable to me; I can't imagine this painting without it. :heart:
One of my other favorite things in this painting are the skulls/masks hanging off the katana (and that it's a KATANA is also super cool). 
Cpt-Zim83's avatar
Wow! I love this. Such a fascinating character.
ImagineRabbit's avatar
OOOOO...very awesome.  I like giant and small things.
Did you use a Tablet or mouse? 
LostGryphin's avatar
Amazing! Love the details.
EvaMcqueen's avatar
this is something else ! amazing keep up the good work ;)
DrTeaRex's avatar
Who knew bunnies could be badass? insta-faved, because to do anything less would be an unforgivable insult.
LCAisling's avatar
Each year before December arrives this painting comes in mind and I find myself searching for it again and again. It always takes two hours! And yet I find it and it cheers me up :)
I am so glad you drew this!
PunkPirate-art's avatar
so Full of epicness! ITs beautiful :)
jakrabit2's avatar
beastly by every definition. rabbits have a little more to fear than just the wrath of their women's scorn- they have the Azaezelbunny to watch out for!!
Ronammy's avatar
:O! This is Awesome :la:
saminal625's avatar
i LOVE how this turned out!!!!
GreenGosselin's avatar
Very unique concept. I like it.
bayoudragon's avatar
This has always been a favorite of mine! It's the first one I sought out for my Favorites folder now that I finally have an account. :love:
odiedogg's avatar
Nice work. I love animal and human races mixed. Great character.
leemming's avatar
It is awesome....

But, the wing are way to high.. it sims to be attached to the neck.

in my opinion they have to be attached in the middle of the back
maturegooks's avatar
Whats that supposed to be?
TrueMefista's avatar
When I was little,I've seen this picture in poor quality,without knowing what it was.It inspired me to do two magical rabbit races,rabbit-headed demon and something else *don't look in my gallery-I don't put most stuff online*.Thank you ^^
kimmyjh's avatar
Style is amazing, this is so beautiful.
RazielTheFallen's avatar
Usagi yojimbo!!

wicked cool
psycho44727's avatar
that is the most beautiful art work i ever seen :')
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