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Another Donkey And Goldfish

By ursulav
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Quick the donkey looked up the cliffside. The voodoo doll was making impatient motions for them to climb up, never mind that it was a near-vertical surface with very few hoofholds.

It was easy for him to say, thought Quick glumly. He was made out of burlap and stuffing. The worst thing a fall could do to him was bend a few of his pins. But of course he never seemed to stop and think of the more splattery members of the group.

As Quick watched, the voodoo doll grimaced and switched to a gesture that shouldn't have been possible for a being without middle fingers, but which was remarkably expressive nonetheless.

Quick sighed.

"I'm sorry," said the goldfish, in her small, burbling voice. "Pins means well. He's just...impatient."

Quick wanted to tell her exactly what Pins could do with his impatience, but he was a well-brought-up donkey, and it certainly wasn't her fault. He sighed again instead, and started looking for a way up.


6 x 24 mixed media (mostly acrylic.) Been awhile since I painted Quick and his cohorts, and I had this board that just kinda called to me...

Original is for sale, prints available for $10 and $20 plus shipping, send a note or visit [link] to order.
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The pear! The pear on his belt!
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...You should totally make another comic out of this...or write a book about it.
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Hehe, crazy and cute.
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Definitely the little story that makes this bizarre piece one of my faves... ^_^ Love your work...
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And now, after two years and some change, I can finally stop wondering who the hell Pins is. Phew.
liolli's avatar
=] amazing and cute- love the sense of humour behind all of your drawings
anaravenwood's avatar
I love it! The little story is cute!
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hehe I love the artwork and the story gives it good humor.
Outside-the-box's avatar
is this gearworld?
Hatted-Halfling's avatar
Quick's back! Huzzah!
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:D What a cute story
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thats cool...it had me mezmerized, then made me laugh. its goin in ma favorites right away.
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Awwww you make such charming strange tales.
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Woo-hoo, donkey and goldfish!!!! Fabulous work!!
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awesome.. the story is great, and I love the pear tied to his belt
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I remember Quick! I think he was one of the things that first got me obsessed with your art!
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Amazing art and amusing descriptions.

You shall soon become a deity if you keep this up o_o
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I really like the textures on the rocks, but...
Donkeys have cloven hooves? When did that happen?
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I love the story nd the characters in your drawing!
I was out of my office for some minutes...
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