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Angel And Devil Phalloi


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Sooner or later, if I do a series, particularly an adult series, people start saying "When are you going to paint something else?" (I know, because it happened as soon as I posted the first one in AGES--there'd been nearly a dozen images and several months between phalloi, but the minute one comes up, somebody starts whining that I'm painting them AGAIN. This is always accompanied by other squees of joy that yay, I'm painting them again! This is the glory and terror of the internet.)

The short answer to this question is "When I Damn Well Feel Like It."

The long answer is that in the past month, I have painted over seventy illustrations for my next book, and believe me, if you were doing cute wholesome illustrations day in and day out, world without end, you'd be frothing to paint phalloi too. I love my job, it is arguably the best job in the entire world, it is absolutely the only one that I am suited to, but the same urge that drives me to play Resident Evil 4 while writing the books drives me to painting these guys while illustrating them. Vital parts of my brain need adult time, and you can only shoot zombies for so long.

So, there will be phalloi as long as I feel the urge to paint phalloi. And the next time I get halfway through a project calling for 140+ illustrations--i.e. June--there will probably be MORE phalloi. It seems to be part of my coping mechanism. Go figure.

ANNNYWAY! Enough outta me, the original here is 8 x 11 or thereabouts, mixed media, for sale, prints are available, send a note or visit [link] for details. Yes, I will probably be offering the whole phalloi series in mini-print packs, and since people keep requesting a poster, we'll see what we can put together at some point in the future...

Also! People are asking if they can do...god help us all..."phalsonas" of their own. Please, feel free, I'm delighted by the notion--if you want to throw a link back to one of my phalloi that's great, and please, send me an image! I'm enjoying seeing these (and lord only knows what that says about me...)
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