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Aged in Amber

By ursulav
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Birchnose liked his insects well-aged.

Very well-aged.

The Cenozoic Era seemed just about perfect...


A bit of silliness with a leafnosed bat. I chose a simple image, A) because I like the faces on bats and B) because I wanted to do a tutorial, which I thus did, and which can be found at [link]

The original is 9 x 12 and going to the art show at Anthrocon. If I come home with it, it'll be for sale. If you absolutely positively must have it, and are willing to pay the high price to keep it from Anthrocon, drop me a line... We have prints for $10 and $20 either way--send a note or visit [link] for details!
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This is really awesome.
And I like the fossilized tree sap necklace too:)
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I love the way you colored it
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This is probably the only anthro bat I've seen that I've actually liked. Probably because you're apparently the only person to take bat anatomy into account. Also, if he were to open the amber without damaging the insect, it would still be fresh enough to eat, thanks to the nature of preservation amber affords.

In other words: good art+bat love+fossils=my geekery knows no bounds. Needless to say, I'm favoriting this. ^_^
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awgh those ears :heart:___:heart:
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I love the little guy... great imagination!!!
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i love bats! this is really nice!
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I like the ribbons on his earring cause being a bat and all, I can just see them streaming behind him as he flies.....maybe its a sign of status :)
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wow... what lovely textures! In fact, everything you do has a really lovely textured feeling, it permeates your work. I consider that a very good thing because it means that even simple background spaces, which in some cases might become boring if it was simply flat color, are instead very rich and engaging still...

the tribal-looking design on that bat is so fun. It's great how your animals are anatomically correct but still full of little doodads and the like to give them character. :heart:
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Yay! I LOVE bats. Nice job on the coloring. it looks much like a leaf-nosed bat. :)
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Absolutely Love it!! The coloring and the whole Idea behind it ;) well done!
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How do you come up with all those great ideas? ^^
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How foolish of me. I never realized that bugs age like wine. Great work.
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awesome work sir
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Absolutely gorgeous! I love the expresion. And the scribbles. Who would have thought scribbles could looks so good!
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Yay for scribblies!
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There's not a singele thing about this picture I don't completely love. Maybe the background seems a little plain, but the texture of it makes up for that.
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intresting, very intresting
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I so look forward to your artwork. Amazing and such an imagination. Love it. :+fav:
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thats awesome! The colors are so beautiful!
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