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ACEO - Grumpy Fish


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I like ACEOs as a format, but I cannot possibly draw that small. My fingers are not fat, but they are fumbly, and working in such a teeny tiny space makes my eyes twirl in opposite directions.

But I'm not bad with an exacto knife and gel medium, and I have a GREAT printer. So I'm fooling with some ACEOs made via collage. (The fish was painted digitally, printed out, glued onto heavy illustration board and cut out, so it's got a neat 3-D effect on the final.)

Original is for sale--I have no idea what to list these for, so I'm ebaying it--and I think I'll be offering a limited edition of 8 prints at ACEO size, again, price to be determined, but probably not very much. I just like the size. It's so wee! It allows for such straightforward imagery! It would fit into such a nice little slot at cons!

E-bay Auction - [link]
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say, what does ACEO stand for? :3